Scot McKnight Leaving North Park

Scot McKnight announced on his blog today that he is leaving North Park University. He promises to make an announcement tomorrow regarding his plans… I’m guessing Duke, since they collect brilliant scholars like baseball cards… What’s your guess?

McKnight is a fair minded scholar who has effectively critiqued neo-reformed folks (he calls them neo-puritan), and offered his own vision of theology, the bible, the kingdom of God, and the mission of God that has avoided the pitfalls of liberalism. I respect his writing a great deal. They have been an incredible help to me in my ministry & in my writing. I hope that he lands someplace wonderful & keeps cranking out great stuff! Luther Seminary maybe? Although it could be Emory or Vandy… I’m just throwing out top tier schools… Notre Dame? Princeton? Yale? The suspense is killing me.

My two favorite McKnight books are:

  1. Blue Parakeet
  2. A Community Called Atonement
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  • I think Vandy is out…though we are interviewing for a position in theology and practice I have not heard McKnight in the list of names…I can ask my Duke and Emory insiders…

  • One down… let me know what you hear from your peeps.

  • Don't think its Duke–I'm there–but would be glad to have him. Fuller? Seattle Pacific? He's a tease to make us wait.

  • Think about where he has gone to lecture recently. That might be a clue.

  • Disable the comment moderation. That's annoying. The fun of this threat is the fast and furious nature of the comments.

  • I'm going to say — Northern Baptist, to stay in the area. Don't think it'll be Fuller, though possible. I don't think it will be Duke or one of those types of school.

    Soon find out!

  • Baylor!

  • Baylor is a good idea!

  • my guess….and it's a total guess… mars hill grand rapids. 🙂

  • So Vandy is out and so is Duke. I keep thinking Notre Dame because its close to home, it would be an anabaptist homage to John Howard Yoder, and significant pay increase. Although, he could be going back to Nottingham. You are right, Andy – he's a tease to make us wait. I hope he's reading this and laughing till his sides hurt.

  • How about Northern Seminary?

  • OK, I can't say because I have agreed to coordinate the announcement with my blog's announcement, but I wanted a post just to honor my love for North Park … so I had to separate the two posts.

    10:10am tomorrow.

  • OK, I had to separate the two posts because I wanted to honor North Park with a post on its own. And I agreed to coordinate my blog's announcement with the official announcement.

    It shouldn't surprise.

  • I knew you were out there laughing at us! Looking forward to the announcement…