Don Chaffer is a Son of a Gun

A few months ago I ran into Don Chaffer at Conception Abbey. While we were catching up on what we were into at the time, Don started telling me about his work on musical theater projects. I knew Don from years of running into each other on the road w/our respective bands. Moreover, I’d never known what the process of writing and producing a musical was like. Don taught me that writers and producers of plays and musicals run a phenomenal gauntlet in order to get a musical to the big stage in New York City. It was really fun to peek behind the process – terribly different than rock and roll. Don & Lori are both so uniquely talented that it’s hard not to simply assume they’ll eventually make it all the way to Broadway, but now I know that it’s such a tough, competitive experience that it ends up being a little bit like winning the lottery. So maybe you’ll want to give them a helping hand.

I love musicals – especially the Broadway experience. Kristin and I have seen somewhere around 25 musicals in NYC over the past ten or fifteen years. There’s nothing quite like it. It will be even more amazing to get to watch something written and shepherded through the process by a friend. Son of a Gun is a musical Don is working on – he’s the composer and lyricist, and seems to be a part of a pretty amazing team. The theater attempting to stage the play is raising funds to finish the production. Take a look at this video and maybe you’ll consider helping to fund the initial production.
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