West Wing is Back for a Public Service Announcement

I miss the West Wing. Sorkin was such a killer writer, and the guys who came on to keep it going after he left were not too shabby either. One of my favorite things about the show while it was on, was that the actors, writers, and producers had a healthy sense of humor about some of the quirks of its characters. Jed Bartlett’s folksy wisdom and speeches about history, the walk and talk meetings in the hallways, finishing each other’s sentences, and so on. It was predictable and nerdy… but cool.

Anyway, the president, CJ Craig, Will Baily, Charlie, and one half of the Ed & Larry combo (still can’t tell them apart), got together to make fun of themselves & raise awareness for heart health. Enjoy:

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  • I miss West Wing. I've had a hankering for some Sorkin dialogue lately so I began watching *Sports Night* and have finished season 1. I wish *Studio 60* would have had a longer run.

  • I know right? Best dialogue around. Studio 60 was great. I hear he's working on a new series for HBO called "Newsroom." It's supposed to be a West Wing like drama set in a major news organization.

    I'm working my way through the entire West Wing series again right now. Just finished season 4 last night. I like it because I can listen to it while I run – it's all talk so I don't really miss anything by not watching!