Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional June 18, 2012
I confess that I’m a terrible procrastinator, and that I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. I once heard a leadership guru say that you should never make a decision before you have to, that you should always give events as much time as possible to unfold before choosing a course of action. I confess that I have taken this as permission to put things off that I should probably do now (yeah, backyard deck that needs power washed & stained… I’m looking at you).

I confess that I have officially reached the point in the summer where I no longer enjoy living in Kansas. It’s to do with the heat. I confess that I’m a serious heat-weenie, and get grumpy (understatement), when I’m hot. It’s a sickness. I confess that I would gladly exchange 2 winters for one summer.
I confess that I have odd summertime behaviors: I typically shower twice a day – although 3 would not be out of the question. I use baby-powder like crazy. I can sniff out humidity like a DEA dog. I shun baseball games & outdoor entertainment in July & August. I often choose restaurants not in regard to how much I like their food, but by how good their air conditioning is. I dream about snow skiing and ice cold movie theaters.
I confess that as much as I hate the heat of summer, I hate the morning even more – particularly in regard to morning exercise… some explanation for this confession may be in order: I run to stay in shape, usually between 30-40 miles a week. I used to run almost exclusively on a treadmill at the gym after work. However, I gave up my gym membership last year in order to offset monthly contributions to my church’s capital campaign. This has been working well until recently. The past week or so it has been in the 90’s when I get home from work to go run. The heat is crushing my ability to make it 5-6 miles, and taking nearly all of the enjoyment out of the run. There is an easy fix: get up and run in the morning. But I just confessed that I hate morning even more than heat… vicious circle. I confess that something will have to give: 1) go to the gym until Sept. 2) Get up early & run 3) Lower the mileage for 2 months. I confess that I’m procrastinating a decision & plan of attack (see my original confession for today).
I confess that Monday is my low energy day of the week. I can rarely get started on Monday before 9am – ministry hangover I guess.
I confess that I talk to myself, mostly when I’m driving in the car.
I confess that I think neither the Royals or Chiefs will have a winning season this year. Is this what despair feels like (in regard to sports)?
I confess that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race this weekend, and this makes my inner redneck very happy.
I made my confession… now make yours!
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  • I confess that this will likely be my shortest contribution to MMC to date because I have spent my morning on the phone with Sprint's customer service and now my day is running behind schedule. I also confess that this confession may have a hard, jagged tone. This is also due to my morning on the phone.

    I confess I that do not like Sprint very much right now!

    I confess that I hate Father's Day. I do my best to spend the day selfishly, but then wind up smothered in guilt because I accomplished nothing. Yesterday, I ate a huge lunch, then laid around the house napping and watching worthless television to celebrate this day that has been dedicated to my position. By bedtime I was regretting all of the things that I didn't accomplish or all of the things (hiking, swimming, board games) we didn't do as a family. By the time I was falling asleep, I was feeling like a failure as a dad and vowing to "get my act together".

    I don't like the heat, care little for the Chiefs, less for the Royals, and nothing for Nascar. Though I do still have a vibrant inner Redneck.

  • I knew you had an inner redneck. It was the mullet comment from last week 🙂

  • I confess that my low energy days are Monday and Friday. I hate the start of a new week, and I think this is somehow linked to my "small child" days (Monday mornings never seemed to go well). I confess that Fridays suck because I hate working on such an awesome day.

    I confess that I frequently talk to my self, and usually enjoy it.

    I confess that I enjoy running, but am awfull at it. Having the short and stubby limb gene doesn't seem to help my running ability.

    An finally, I confess that I am an awfull writer, and I appologise if you can't make heads or tails of what I am saying.

  • I used to drive people on the "self-help" message boards crazy by telling them, "Procrastination is your friend–it's a sign that you really have more important things to do." I honestly believe that. What if you quit imagining that you were the doer and trusted God to work in you "both to will and to do" — kind of like he does with the "lillys of the field."

    "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."