Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that my vacation is over and I would like to petition the world for one more week. I was just starting to get into a rhythm that I think was restorative. I confess that the thing I will miss the most from vacation is the opportunity to constantly hear my children in the other room… smacking each other & whining; actually, most of the time they are laughing uncontrollably and being silly.

I confess that silliness is something I need to foster in my life. Silliness is quite helpful in terms of having a happy life. It is the perfect antidote to taking ourselves too seriously.

Speaking of taking yourself seriously, I confess that I have been watching the Olympics nearly every night. I confess that I felt like theU.S.had enough gold medals already, so I cheered for the Jamaicans in the 100m dash.Jamaicahas had relatively little to cheer about lately, so I was pulling for them. I confess that I absolutely love to watch Usain Bolt run. It is a thing of beauty.

I confess that my favorite Olympic name thus far is the name of the woman from theNetherlandswho won the 50m free in a new Olympic record time: Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Chrome-oh Widge-oh-yo). I confess that I think her last name is incredibly fun to say. I confess that if we ever get a new pet, it is likely Kromowidjojo will be in the running for a name.

I confess that I will lay off NBC’s coverage of the games, even though I agree with most of the criticism.

I confess that our family went to the Omaha Zoo during our vacation time. I learned that peacocks are only the name of the males of the species. They are actually referred to as peafowl, and there are peacocks, peahens, and peachicks. I confess that I have heard of chick peas, but not peachicks.

I confess that going to zoo with young children is an amazing opportunity to witness all out wonder and awe. I had fun watching the animals, but watching our six and eight year old animals was the best part by far. They can gasp with wonder at almost everything. Their excitement and delight was infectious. I confess that I will never get tired of seeing it… best trip to the zoo ever.

I confess that I’m still not completely finished with the boys study room. I confess that the setback is entirely due to my struggles with polyurethane. I confess that if the guy at the story wouldn’t have told me to use a foam brush, I would have just used a regular brush. Hence I wouldn’t have had any problems and would be done with the project now. I confess that I am way too deferential to people who wear orange aprons.

I confess that I think I have a stress fracture in my lower leg & so I will be taking about six weeks off from running. I confess that this will have an adverse impact on my well-being & I’m really bummed about it.

I confess that I know this day and this week will take a lot of effort. The first days back from vacation are always tough for me. I confess that I’m grateful for those who pray for me.

Okay – I made my confession. Now you make yours!

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  • Elijah Heintzelman

    I confess that i don’t understand people. I will never understand why someone can justify continually hurting people they love by living a lie. I confess that i know that very person that continues to hurt someone very close to my parents. I confess that this person used to be my idol. The person i could always relate to and go to with anything i couldn’t go top my parents about. I confess that this very person is now nothing but a slimy creature that does most of it’s moving by sneaking and slithering. I confess that i am upset with my current view of this person. Not because i think the person would disapprove of this view, but because i am far too comfortable with this feeling.

    I confess that i have been trying to force myself out of comfort zones, so i can do things I’ve always wanted to do. I confess that this has proven harder that initially thought. I think it’s because of basic self-eastern issues that I’ve just let escalate. I confess that I’ve been working on that, as well but it’s also

  • Elijah Heintzelman

    STUPID SMART PHONE! Anyway, it’s all just proven harder than i thought it would.