Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I’m having sock trouble. Today I ran out of regular socks and I’m wearing these Drymax running socks that came with my last pair of running shoes. They make my feet sweat, which is making it hard for me to concentrate. Why do these things squeeze so much? I confess that I belong to the old school when it comes to socks – basic Hanes crew socks. You can get a pack of six for $10. Your feet will thank you.

I confess that I can only play the piano comfortably in the keys of G, and C. I can do okay in D and A, but that’s where it ends for me. I confess that when I try to play in E or B I prove myself to be inadequate.

I confess that I’m tired of blogging about politics. I confess that I know this is not good since we’re only halfway through the conventions at this point. I confess that I was thankful that the GOP convention was shortened & wish the D’s would call an audible and cancel their first night just to maintain equal time. I confess that I think this will never happen. So, I will self-limit and only give write up three reactions pieces to the coming craziness that will be the #DNC2012. My advice for all political conventions: be careful when you see their lips moving.

I confess that I have prayed for rain for the first time in a long, long time this summer. My sister and her husband farm in Southwest Kansas, and the drought has been, and continues to be rough for them. I confess that I wish we could have split our 5 inches of rainfall with them.

I confess that I have never run a marathon in less than three hours.

I confess that I’ve been getting the New York Times for home delivery for the past few days and thus far the experiment is awesome. I confess that I have become fully convinced that the online newspaper reading experience cannot match the real thing. I confess that I still look at the news websites toward the end of the day, so I’ve typically read the marquee articles before the paper comes. But I think this just gives me more time to read other stuff I wouldn’t normally click on at their digital site. So far so good… More than anything else, I’m learning a ton more about world events. NYTimes has a killer group of journalists working around the globe.

I confess that yesterday marked one full month I’ve gone without running. I confess that I jogged down the block to a neighbor’s house and didn’t feel any pain. I confess that I’m committed to taking 2 more weeks off. Six weeks total, and then I’m back in. I confess that Fall/Winter running is the best.

I confess that I read Ezra last week, but not Nehemiah.

I confess that I’m worried that the U.S. will finish up wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to be sucked into a conflict with Iran (backed by Russia). I confess that I pray this will not happen.

I confess that on Labor Day I’m thankful for the laborers in our society who get it done day in and day out… so here’s a Monday Morning Confessional shout out to all of the union members out there.

Okay, I made my confession. Now it’s time for you to make yours!

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