Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that a lot of pastors I know take Mondays off, but I have never been able to do this. Monday feels like the main day for me to try and make some headway on my constantly over-long to-do list. I confess that today’s list seems daunting and demoralizing, so I may not get that much done today.

I confess that I’m trying to grow new grass in the bare patches of my yard. I confess that I’m not sure I’m up to the task.

I confess that my cousin Becca taught me a workaround on my formatting issues for blog posts I build in Word… it works perfectly. (Just paste the post into notepad, then re-copy and past it into the blog). I confess that Becca is officially a nerd, and much smarter than I am. Plus she saved me lots of time and frustration.

I confess that my friend Randy who is homeless and addicted to alcohol and meth checked himself into treatment 12 days ago and is going on 2 weeks sober. He’s waiting on a bed to open up at a long term treatment facility so this is a really precarious time for him. I confess that I hope mentioning Randy will entice anyone who reads this to pray for him. He needs the support. I confess that I’m grateful that Randy’s a part of our church.

I confess that I’m feeling very grateful to Jim and Jennifer Schmidt who introduced me to a bunch of crazy friends who live on the streets of Kansas City. I confess that when I’m trying to figure out if I’m really living like a Christian should live, I think of Jim & Jennifer and then get back to work seeking the kingdom of God. My life is so much richer for the relationships these two disciples have brought to me and to Redemption Church.

I confess that I stayed up late too much last week. I confess that if I stay up past 10:30, then I’m up till midnight at least. I confess that if I’m up till midnight, I’ll eat at least another 600 calories of junk food. I confess that healthiness for me begins with a healthy nighttime routine. I confess that I would like to say that I stay up late reading. But typically I’m just up watching The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, then watching reruns of sitcoms while eating pretzels and m&ms. It’s not a pretty sight.

I confess that I’m an assistant coach for my oldest son’s flag football team. I confess that we got smoked in our first game on Saturday – it was ugly. I confess that the bright spot was my son streaking down the field for a 50 yard touchdown run. I confess that the opposing defensive coach’s ensuing gripes to the ref about “flag guarding” made me struggle with my commitment to being a nonviolent person. It’s. a. game.

I confess that I’m sitting on my back porch and from here I can hear the sounds of the marching band practicing at the school about a mile away. I’m having the strongest memories of this phenomenon happening to me when I was a little kid. We lived near the high school and could hear their rehearsals during the fall.

I confess that I was in marching band for one year – drums – and I was terrible at it. I confess that in that snare drum line there were only 4 of us, and every single one of them became a professional musician in some capacity. Freaky. I confess that I’m still the least talented of the 4 by far.

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  • I can relate to a lot of this today. I love Mondays. I feel invigorated and ready to go on Mondays. It might be that Sunday’s Word moves me in this way. So for me, it’s the best day to keep things going. Friday’s are supposedly my day off.

    Learned that Notepad thing, too. But now that I’m most often on a Mac, you can do the same thing with the “TextEdit” program.

    I also stayed up way too late way too many times last week (and last night). I have been sharing with North Street for a couple of years now that – while I love the night time and find peace in it’s silence – I truly believe that maximizing the hours of daylight in the day is a spiritual discipline. The cycles and rhythms of creation (night-day, spring-fall, life-death, activity-dormancy, etc.) appear to be present in such a way that they might make great sense for who and how we are. And while I find the peace of the nighttime beautiful…I’ve also done my worst in the darkness.

    Thanks for your confessions and spurring some of my own.

    (In other news, our midweek group’s study of Public Jesus is going well so far.)

    Grace & Peace,

    I’ve prayed for Randy just now.

    • Tim Suttle

      Hey Jeremy – so when you say “supposed to be” does that mean you don’t take Friday off that often? I ask because the moment I became the lead pastor, Fridays off went away and never came back. Maximizing daylight. That seems wise; sound like “redeeming the time.” Great to hear from you – let me know if I can do anything for you in the Public Jesus study. peace, ts.

      • Yeah, it means that I don’t always do well with Fridays. Work often spills over or I schedule something I know I shouldn’t.

  • Where’s the “like” button. This is such a cool tradition!

    • Tim Suttle

      thanks jovan!

  • I confess that, until last week, I have been kind of oblivious to the real spirit of this Monday Morning Confessional.

    • Tim Suttle

      glad to have you on board, wayne! confession is good for the SOUL!

  • Josiah Heintzelman

    I confess that this is the first one of these I have ever read. I also confess this might be the first thing I have actually read in a while. gotta love audio books. I confess that I have been staying up way too late as well. I confess that I do not have a good reason for staying up late I usually just watch a TV show til midnight (white collar of you were curious). finally I confess that I have heard my brother and dad both post on this blog and this question is always raised and I just did it as well but why is it we say “I confess” like 6 million times in each post?

  • 🙂

  • Elijah Heintzelman

    I confess that upon hearing you’re late night routine, i chuckled. I think the phrase “it’s not a pretty sight” is what made me chuckle. I confess that i could see Tim Suttle (one that was about 400 lbs heavier than the original) stuffing M&Ms and pretzels down his throat. I comes that this might seen a

  • Elijah Heintzelman

    DAMN SMART PHONE! I cones that this might seem a little mean, but just try imagining a 400 lb me doing it. It’s really pretty comical.

    I confess that i was shocked and excited to see my older brother’s post. I confess that my thought on this was “YEAH! We got another one!” I’m not sure if one of my goals should be to make people read MMC, but i was excited all the same.

    I confess that I’m a little pist at God right now. I was recently told that there is a girl in our youth group that has cancer. I confess that i don’t really give a s@#* where a child is born, they should never have to fear for their f@#$ing life! She can’t be more than a year older that my sister Hannah (i think she’s 12). I confess unfortunately that’s not true. Where you are born affects your life a LOT. I confess that i also brought this up so people might pray for this girl. I confess that i don’t blame God for giving her this disease, but i am still pist off at him right now.