The Cast of the West Wing Unites for a little Campaigning: New Video Makes Me Wish They’d Never Left

It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s political, it’s sassy, it’s verbose, it’s Hollywood, it’s self-consumed and it’s way overcooked… it’s got to be the West Wing.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The West Wing is the best TV show ever. The cast reunited for a little PSA regarding non-partisan ballot sections electing judges and officials where party is not a factor – especially a race for Michigan Supreme Court nominee Bridget Mary McCormack. CNN is reporting that the reason for the video is: “Bridget Mary McCormack, whose sister Mary McCormack played deputy national security adviser Kate Harper on NBC’s television series “The West Wing,” is on the ballot this fall in Michigan as a nonpartisan candidate for the state’s Supreme Court.”

So, here’s your West Wing fix for the year. Is it just me or has Josh been hitting the doughnut tray a little too often?

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  • scott stone

    “In January 2012, McCormack announced that she is seeking the Democratic nomination for a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court in the election of 2012. She is married to University of Michigan Law School professor Steven Croley, currently on leave serving as a special assistant to the president on President Barack Obama’s Domestic Policy Counsel.”

    I’m confused. I always thought I knew what non-partisan meant.
    You can bet that if a cast from a Hollywood TV show get together for a PSA announcement, it’s usually not non-partisan.