Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that just after college, I once donated plasma so that I could by a pizza.

I confess that comparison is my favorite sin (you may not think comparison is a sin, but it is the way I do it), and it causes me constant trouble.

I confess that one fourth of all prisoners in American jails are there because of nonviolent drug offenses. I confess that African Americans represent 12% of drug users, but makeup 59% of those in state prison for drug convictions.

I confess that I’m chronically late. I confess that I’m usually tempted to make up an excuse in order to make myself look better.

I confess that I’m worried about several of my friends who are struggling with different issues right now. I confess that I’m afraid that when they come out on the other side of their struggles, they won’t want to be friends anymore.

I confess that I’m trying to become a better listener, and that I’m doing so because I think maybe I’m kind of a lousy listener.

I confess that I’m disillusioned by the intense bipolarity of national politics. I confess that I was used to being able to blame Washington as the center of hatred, but it seems as though the rest of the country has now joined in. I confess that I’m mystified by those who seriously think that the world will be so much better off if their side wins this upcoming election. I confess that I cannot believe how much trust people put in politicians and political parties.

I confess that I am impatient.

I confess that after 6 weeks off from running while I let a leg injury heal, I have not bounced back into the running routine as quickly as I though I would. I confess that I’m a little bit frustrated by this because we’re coming into the best time of year for running.

I confess that I think the most challenging words in the bible are from Matt. 7:1 – “Do not judge.”

Okay friends! I made my confession, time for you to make yours!

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  • Chris Heintzelman

    I confess that last week I woke up on Monday morning and said, “I will confess on MMC today if it kills me.” I confess that I was wrong about that.

    I confess that it has been over a month since my last confession.

    I confess that though I have never sold plasma for pizza, I do have one (and only one) great card trick that I have probably made several hundred dollars off of. I confess that though usually reserved for my friends, in college I approached total strangers to pitch this trick for $5 a pop. I confess that I almost always got paid because I would show them how to do the trick if they paid their bet so they could use it to get their money back somewhere else. I confess that I usually used the money to buy pizza.

    I confess that the statistics about African American incarceration make me sad. I work in an area that is primarily inhabited by African Americans and the burden that they live under is oppressive. I confess that every time I meet one of their children my heart breaks because I know the statistics facing them. I confess that I realize that people can rise above oppression and that not every problem this sector of “the poor” face is inflicted, but stats are stats and the 18 month old little girl with the braids and beads that stole my heart the second I met her has to grow up in a world where the stats are against her.

    I confess that I recently moved to a new office and it is far better than my old one, though moving always sucks.

    I confess that I love making music with my sons. I think I like practicing more than playing in front of people, but the whole process is a blast. I confess that there is something magical about taking a song that sounds awful at first and polishing it until it sounds like real music, and doing it with my kids makes the whole thing incredible.

    I confess that I’m eating too much. I”m eating healthy, but way too much. I know the problem. I lost a bunch of weight doing primarily cardio. As I approached a healthier weight, I shifted to heavy weightlifting, which I much prefer. Due to the nature of weightlifting, I increased my diet, though still healthy foods. Over the last month, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to work out much. My diet has not decreased accordingly. Ergo, I’m eating like a weightlifter but not lifting weights. I confess that knowing this has done nothing to slow down my eating.

    I confess that last Sunday we had some great people in our home for lunch. I gave several of them rides back to where they are currently staying. I confess that this broke my heart. I think sometimes the process of becoming more human by engaging others where they live hurts like a bitch.

    I confess that using the word “bitch” in my last paragraph brought to mind Tim’s statement of the phrase “suck it” last week. I confess that I over think some “edgy” slang words and phrases, especially those that contain verbs. I confess that I try to imagine how that verb might be done in the given context. I confess that I do love to use the word “bastard” spoken low and under my breath (just loud enough for others to hear) when someone get the better of me in something. I confess that I can not stand the new fascination with the word “douche”. (again, too much imagination)

    I confess that I love this time of year.

    I confess that the word “ha” has become the most expressive and versatile word in my texting vocabulary. It’s brilliant. A simple “ha” lets others know that my statement was light and not to be taken too seriously. A “hahaha” indicating genuine laughter. This can obviously be lengthened to fit the amount of laughter. I also use the adaptation, “hehehehe” when I’ve poked fun at someone, or was being playfully deceitful in some way. I confess that I may need to get out more.

    I confess that my wife and I are excited and terrified about starting in a community group at our church. We have fallen madly in love with the people that we’ve done small groups with in the past (hence excited) and frankly, love can be painful (hence terrified). At least we will be studying a stellar book, Public Jesus (shameless plug).

    I confess that I have been using my brain a lot lately. I confess that when I get too much into my brain, I sometimes get out of my heart. I’ve been working very hard to prevent this. I hope I am doing better.

    Have I confessed that I love this time of year?

    I confess that it is good to confess.

  • Mandy

    I am trying to be a better listener too, this is hard for me, as I hate to not be listened to, I’m ashamed that I do that to others.
    In reference to eating and running, I am desperate to lose 10 lbs and will do anything to lose it except eat less or exercise.

  • John R Huff II

    I confess that I want tTm Suttle to not be so concerned about being impartial when discussing the two political parties in US election. I want him to take a stronger stand.

  • John R Huff II

    I confess that I want Tim Suttle to not be so concerned about being impartial when discussing the two political parties in US election. I want him to take a stronger stand.

  • Elijah Heintzelman

    I confess that i could not feel more at home/peace with my current church (Redemption Church). I confess that it has pulled me out of a serious funk and i am forever grateful. I confess that i had debated leaving christianity for quite a while (for a couple reasons). I confess that i was dealing with a lot of anger at Christians, and because i couldn’t yell at the whole Christian group that bothered me, i just simply put all of that anger towards God. I confess that that whole conclusion want exactly thought through or smart, but i so wanted someone to blame aside from myself and christianity and God just fit the boot. I confess that Redemption Church (and God) has pulled a lot of that anger out of me and has started to make me the person he wants me to be. I confess that i am well aware that this post is incredibly cheesy. I confess that this is unusually for me, so i wouldn’t expect a whole lot of these.

    I confess that I’ve been listening to a lot of “angelic” music lately, and it’s amazing. Well…what i call “angelic,” my family usually has a different name for it. Bad! Hehe. I confess that my “angelic” is rarely ever Christian music. This is mainly because i like David Crowder style Christian music which isn’t usually my definition of “angelic,” but more along the lines of “fun.” I confess that this yoga style music always puts me in a very hippy mood. I confess that i like this mood and it’s probably one of my better moods. I confess that it always makes me feel very spiritual (hence the cheesy MMC post).

    I confess that i missed a Florence + The Machine concert last night and i am a little grumpy.

    I confess that i love fall! I would like fall more than winter, but winter has skiing.


    Oh yeah! I confess that I am too much of a listener. I confess that I wish I was more of a talker. I confess that I know some people just need to vent, in which case I’m the guy to talk to, but others actually need some advice. I confess that I’m usually not so good at the advice part. It seems like there should be a middle ground, but I can’t seem to find it.