Monday Morning Confessional – Birthday Edition

I confess today is my birthday – I was born in 1969 which makes me 43. I confess that 43 doesn’t feel as old as it sounded when I was young.

I confess that I am attempting to reduce the number of exclamation points I use while writing. When I’m writing books, articles, or for journals I rarely ever use one, but on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter the writing style is a little more colloquial and so I’m tempted…

I confess that the over/improper use of ellipsis must still be in play…

I confess that I’m excited for the day because I will get to spend a good part of it listening to Amy Pantinga Pauw lecture on the Old Testament (NTS, 10:30am and 2:30pm). In between I get to visit with Dr. Ray Motsi, the head of the Theological College of Zimbabwe. It’s a nerdy little birthday treat.

I confess that I’m working at Panera this morning and a guy who looks exactly like Tom Selleck just walked in. I’m serious, it’s uncanny. He’s got the mustache and everything. I confess that I cannot really grow a decent mustache and that this has always bothered me because it eliminates the possibility of ever growing a beard.

I confess that I have grown increasingly less interested in professional sports over the past five years. I confess that Chiefs fans cheering when Matt Cassel was knocked out cold in Sunday’s game (because they are frustrated with his play), is a new low for professional sports in this town. Eric Winston said it right in the Star today. I confess that I am still a huge fan of college sports, and that this makes no sense given the fact that college sports are much more corrupt.

I confess that I most often say things I will later regret when I’m trying to be funny. I confess that I should never try to be funny, and should probably just let humor unfold (or not), of its own accord.

I confess that Jaber Crow is was a good man.

I confess that I have an old bank account that I would like to close. The account was used as a business account for album sales, mostly electronic downloads via itunes, cdbaby, etc. I confess that I’ve moved nearly all of the payments to a different account, but I can’t close this old account because something is still paying to it – some electronic music download or something. I confess that I can’t remember which records and vendors still pay to that account. I confess that I’m terrible at this kind of stuff and its embarrassing to me. I confess that the amount the account gets paid is roughly the same amount as the monthly fee.

I confess that I have gotten 3 speeding tickets in the last 18 months. I confess that it had been nearly a decade since I had received even one speeding ticket and bragged about that fact the day of my first of three tickets… accursed bragging.

Okay friends, I made my confession, time for you to make yours.

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  • j oliver

    Hey hey, happy birthday, TS! For some reason I thought we were exactly the same age. Turns out you’re WAY older! BOOM.

  • Wayne

    I confess that I have probably done it again — I confess that I have probably unlovingly inserted my opinions into the comments to a more conservative Facebook friend’s posting [he was lamenting (among other things) the declining numbers of those in this country who self-identify as protestant Christians and I attributed said decline to what IMO is the absurdity of certain dogmatic claims made by many protestant churches (claims which he defends).

    Happy Birthday, Tim… (Again!)