Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I have been taking a short and much needed break from blogging the past three days. I confess that yesterday I didn’t even turn on my computer. The hiatus was probably a good thing, but I have missed the interaction and creative outlet.

I confess that I watched Skyfall over the break. As far as Bond movies go, it was one of the better ones I’ve seen. I confess that I think Sean Connery was the best James Bond, and Pierce Brosnan was the worst. Daniel Craig is 2nd to Connery. I confess that it seems slightly odd to rank the actors who have played the fictional womanizing spy.

I confess that I’ve seen two movies in two weeks – an alarmingly high rate of movie watching for me. I hope this is the start of a new trend. I really want to see Lincoln.

I confess that I have been lax in my self-leadership lately. I confess that I know I need to organize all of the tasks and projects for which I am responsible, schedule time for each task and project carefully, and then be disciplined to get things done in a timely fashion. It sounds really easy, but I’m not naturally gifted at this. It sometimes feels as though it takes an inordinate amount of energy to work this way. I take comfort in the fact that this is challenging for a lot of creative people, so I feel like I’m not alone. Nevertheless, there are seasons during which one has to simply buckle down – this is one of them for me.

I confess that next week we are holding our annual joint service with Via de Esperanza, a local Latino congregation led by my friend Daniel Bocanegra, and I’m feeling really excited about it.

I confess that I cannot believe that it’s about to be December and the fiscal cliff has not been addressed by our legislators – check that, I can totally believe it. Nevertheless, it is disappointing.

I confess that as of last night, my favorite character in the show The Big Bang Theory is officially Amy the nerd. I confess that my wife and I watched the part where Sheldon gives her a tiara no less that four times just to keep laughing at her reaction. For your Monday Morning Confessional viewing pleasure – treat your self to 45 seconds of Blossom at her best.

Okay friends, I made my confession, time for you to make yours.

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  • christabel

    I confess to being absolutely flabbergasted that you think Pierce was a worse Bond than Roger Moore and Lazenby!

    • Tim Suttle

      lol – admittedly, Roger Moore was terrible & you can certainly make a case that he’s worse than PB. I sort of liked Lazenby, though. Cheers!

  • christabel

    I liked Tim too!