Can Texas Secede from the Union? A Creative Way to Answer

If Texas split into 5 smaller states they would be named: North Texas, South Texas, East Texas, West Texas, and Austin. That is so true! This is a great 3 minute video explaining why Texas can’t secede from the union. I love how they play up the Texas / California rivalry; California’s hideous flag, Texas’s pathological need to be the biggest at everything. Funny and informative: who could as for anything more?

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  • John R Huff Jr

    Very interesting, but the narrator talks so fast you wonder if he really even knows anything about what he is saying?

  • George Contreras

    I wouldn’t get my facts from CGPGrey. Their basic argument is that Texas can’t secede because of brute force. They reference “a Supreme Court ruling.” First, I don’t believe they named it but naysayers always reference Texas v White. This was not a case about secession. It was a case about bonds sold that Texas wanted back. Remember, this case was represented by a Texas who was under occupation at the time. Even IF the case were relevant and we used it to prove secession couldn’t happen that means that since the Supreme Court decided that ObamaCare was constitutional that it is along with all of it’s mandates. The Declaration of Independence itself is a secession document. The Texas Constitution specifically calls it legal. On and on… This is no longer God’s country. We have sold it. Patriotism is not about allegiance to a flag or government. It is about allegiance to freedom and liberty.