Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am bothered by the inclusion of pedestrian tweets and Facebook status updates in the category of “news.” Those things might be news coming from a public figure or an expert, but when the anchor says, “John from Hiawatha says…” it feels out of place to me; forced; as though they are trying too hard to be relevant.

I confess that I think relevancy is overrated and might be a dangerous thing toward which to direct our energy.

Speaking of energy, I confess that I have been less than energetic after 8:30pm. I used to be able to make myself sit down and work in the evenings once in awhile. Sometimes I’d crank out 3-4 hours of writing. I think that at this point I’m just being lazy.

I confess that I think most of the BCS Bowl game matchups seem a little bit lacking. After Alabama/Notre Dame, K-State/Oregon, then next best game is easily the Cotton Bowl with OU/A&M – a game I cannot wait to see. 16 team playoff anyone?

I confess that I’ve spent countless hours sitting next to Nicholas watching football games this season. When I am old and fading, it will be one of the things that I remember most about his childhood. I’m sad to see the season winding down because I never know if next season he’ll finally be too big for it.

I confess that Chandler Bing (also known as Miss Chanandler Bong), is one of my all-time favorite sitcom characters. Ever since then I’ve kept up on whatever TV series Matthew Perry works in. He was great in a short stint on the West Wing & incredible opposite Bradly Whitford in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (an amazing show that never should have been cancelled). I actually liked Mr. Sunshine, but apparently nobody else did. I’ve caught 5-6 episodes of “Go On” and have to confess that I don’t love it. I watched one w/the wife last night & it was okay, but I can tell when a sitcom is aimed at women & I am not a part of this shows target audience.

I confess that I need to reorganize my hard drive space. I need to purge a ton of files, move some old pictures off my hard drive and to an external storage. There is so much stuff, it just feels like too daunting of a task.

I confess that I judge people who have confederate flags on their cars as license plates or bumper stickers. I try not to, but I can’t help myself. Every time I do this I know – in real time – that I’m guilty of the same exact thing I judge them for. So I usually end up having to give and seek forgiveness in my own mind at the same time.

I confess that I’ve been listening to A Tree Grows In Brooklyn on audio book for the past two weeks a I run everyday. It’s a phenomenal book.

I confess that I didn’t enjoy school until seminary – now I wish I could always take classes.

Okay people – I made my confession, now it’s time for you to make yours!

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Monday Morning Confessional Returns

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  • Jon

    I confess that when I saw a preview for the show *Whitney* I thought to myself, “How could a show like this continue but Studio 60 gets cancelled?”

    I confess that these first few weeks of having our adopted newborn son at home have been very difficult. The newborn phase is not an easy one. I confess that the difficulty mostly lies in my own selfishness, as new routines replace older ones, ones that I really enjoyed.

    I confess, as you probably just surmised, that I most often put my own needs and wants before those of my wife.

  • Cole

    I confess I have written 30 things and then erased each one. (Then wrote this)

  • Tim Suttle

    that sounds about right as far as confessions go, cole!

  • Allison

    Yes!!! You’re reading fiction! And it’s one of my faves! So glad you like it. Actually, come to think of it, it might be my book! Pretty sure I loaned it to Kristin ages ago.

  • Tim Suttle

    Yeah, I’m constantly reading fiction. Just finished Jayber Crow, have you read it? It shot instantly into my top 10. A Tree Grows… what an incredible book that is. I absolutely loved it. Love her description of pain coming like waves, breaking over Francie like waves.