Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am weary from grief and worry.

I confess that last week was rough. Monday, a suicide attempt by a dear soul who was living with us at the time. Wednesday, my best friend’s nephew died inexplicably. He was just shy of two years old. Friday… you know about Friday.

I confess that everything I’ve read in defense of gun rights in the past few days has seemed very weak and futile.

I confess that I do not have the energy to confess much more today.

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  • Teri Reynolds

    A gentle hug for you this morning, dear Tim. A tender heart always hurts more. And I love that you have the soft kind. I am so sorry for the load you shoulder, and know that much was probably unsaid and can’t be said here, and maybe nowhere else except to God in prayer. Life is sometimes too sad for some, and all we can do is to love and hope for relief. Don’t stop loving and hoping. They are our greatest weapons. Not guns.
    Healing will come to us, and is coming even now, sometimes in small, barely visible ways. So we fix our eyes on Jesus. And we wait.

  • Josiah H

    I confess my heart breaks for many today. I confess that I am made most sick by the politicians that will use the death of children to try to push their ideals. I confess that although tragic and horrible Friday was proof to how
    far away from God this country has grown and not because that crime was horrible but because we think it was the most horrible. Every three seconds a person dies of starvation. That day nearly 30,000 people died and no one even noticed. I confess a little while back one of the homeless men that goes to church with me was killed and the police didn’t try to find the killer because the dead man had no home and there in a sick way to them no value. I confess this shows how selfish our nation is. I confess that I fear that much like He did with Samson God has left us and we don’t even realize it… I confess we desperately need the love and redemption of Jesus!!