This Is How You Give a Christmas Gift

In the interest of full disclosure, the remarkable young woman in this post is my niece...

Sarah Thompson will be spending her Christmas break donating part of her liver to help save a friend who is suffering from Byler’s Disease. She will forever win the “how you spending your xmas break” contest at her house.

I’m amazed on several levels. First of all, I didn’t know you could do this – give part of your liver and survive it. Our bodies are amazing and medical science is amazing, too. Personally, it’s just such a rare act of friendship. I am in awe of anyone who learns to embrace to love of neighbor in very practical ways – it has the power to transform everything. I could work my whole life for the church and never do something so purely holy.

When asked about it, Sarah said, “”That’s the role of the church. We’re like family, and if somebody in your family needs something, you give it to them… If I hadn’t done it, somebody else would have stepped up.” I think she’s right.

You can read full articles about it here and here, or watch the news video here. Way to go Sarah – I’m inspired by your simple obedience!

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  • Matthew

    This story absolutely made my day… no, it made my month. Love her matter of fact statement, “That’s the role of the church. We’re like family…” That’s not just religious rhetoric!