Harvard Sailing Team’s Version of the “Liberal Cause” – a little Friday Funny

The “liberal cause” is a pejorative colloquialism meant to signify an attempt to assist a person, group, or issue for whom those who are not liberal, or just don’t go in for causes, would consider helping to be silly, sentimental, or even morally wrong. Labeling things a “Liberal Cause” is something folks like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh do constantly. Liberal Causes are things that Matt Damon and George Clooney support. I’ve always disliked the phrase because I do not consider myself to be a true political or Philosophical liberal, but I sometimes go in for causes (though not as often as you might think). Whether you are a fan or a foe of the liberal cause, it’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? Harvard Sailing Team can help as they remind all of us that not taking ourselves too seriously is one of he more important keys to happiness.

Harvard Sailing Team’s take – a little humor to keep your Friday happy!

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  • Scott Stone

    That’s fantastic. My wife and I watched Wanderlust last night. A bit crude at times but hiilarious. This video reminded me of the movie characters.

  • John R Huff Jr

    Very cute. Thanks, I still have never been able to understand why you always almost have to apologize for claiming the liberal or progressive label . You are on a Progressive Christian blog. Start acting more like one please. If your conservative friends don’t understand, drop them. Not worth the time anyway I have found. God is not going to hold you guilty. Just let go and lay back Tim.

  • scott stone

    I’m a big fan of true liberal causes and I was just thinking that what is needed to make them effectual is a conservative mind. I know this video is just tongue in cheek but at the same time there is some truth in how liberals approach issues. While there is truth in the some sense that conservative haven’t a clue. Meld the two together and great things could be accomplished.
    My favorite saying regarding conservatives and liberals is this: If you are under 35 and not a liberal you have no heart. If you are over 35 and not a conservative you have no brain.