Knife Guys – Will Ferrell & Ryan Gosling – Your Friday Funny

Friday Funny: the purpose of Friday Funny is more than just a cheap laugh (although it certainly includes a cheap laugh).

Friday is a writing day for me and I’m usually knee deep in sermon prep (as I am today) by 7am. All of my bandwidth for creativity is being swallowed up by that endeavor and I find myself needed to release the building pressure every hour or two. My typical weekly rhythm finds me at Panera writing from 6:30am on Friday, hard at it until 4:30-ish depending upon how it’s going. After about an hour of chasing squirrels I can usually lock in and concentrate for a good 3-4 hour stretch. After that I need 5-10 minute breaks every hour or so in order to maintain my concentration and do good work. Friday Funny is just a glimpse of the kind of stuff I gravitate toward in order to let off a little steam. I’m always looking for ideas and good websites to frequent – how do you get your moments of escape?

Here’s a little Will Ferrell, Ryan Gosling, and Jimmy Kimmel to make your Friday better.

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