Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that we finally took down our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend. I confess that every year we seem to be one of the last in our neighborhood putting them up, and the last taking them down. I confess that once I do take down the decorations, I give myself silent permission to judge everyone who hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

I confess that I have no will power when it comes to food. I confess that I run somewhere between 20-25 miles every week, which should burn around 900 calories each for five runs, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500 calories over the week. How bad is my will power? Some weeks I actually gain weight. The chief culprits are clearly: sugared cereal, Oreos, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

I confess that I watched some of the Golden Globes last night with my wife. I confess that I didn’t really enjoy them this year. All I could think about the whole time is that they are created and hyped merely to try and catch me in another wave of marketing. The thing is that I always fall for it. I now have a long list of movies I want to see.

I confess that I have been noticing lately how much I constantly compare myself to others in order to compete with them. I confess that I can make anything, even personal relationships, into a competition that I need to win. It’s not a side of my personality that I’m very proud of.

I confess that I’m making my way through Eugene Peterson’s memoir right now. It’s taking longer than I wanted it to because, in my humble opinion, this is not a gripping story. It’s a good story, and I’m glad to get to read it. I like what I’m reading, but it is kind of a slow book. I confess that I feel awkward about critiquing anything Eugene Peterson does because he’s so dang cool.

I confess that I’ve been trying to get up a little bit earlier every morning so that I can finish a blog post before I head off to work. I confess that it’s a good feeling when it works right, but more often than not just means I hit snooze a bunch of times and annoy my wife. I confess that new rhythms and habits are challenging for me. Anything involving an earlier wake-up time is an uphill climb.

I confess that I’ve been purposely avoiding the news for a few weeks, just to try and clear myself of all the negativity that comes along with knowing how totally broken our national government is right now. That people who hold so much power can be as underhanded, petty, conniving, and deceitful as our representatives in D.C. is profoundly disturbing. Sometimes the only sane thing a person can do is try not to notice for a few weeks.

I’m about 85% finished with the unabridged Les Miserables. I confess that I do not love it. I confess that the plot itself is sheer brilliance, but the four hour rambling digressions about the battle of Waterloo, the dress codes for the classes, the sentimental merits of the French Revolution, or worst of all, the constant over-blown worship of the human spirit has become a bit much. I confess that I’m more annoyed than enthralled. I’m pressing through because I hate to quit a book, but I really wish I would have read the abridged version.

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  • Charlie

    In my city’s Walmart, there is a place one can park directly behind a curb cut just wide enough for my SUV. Apparently it was designed for shopping carts, or maybe water drainage. When the spot is open, you can avoid a lot of WM traffic by simply pulling in through the curb cut, though you’re probably not making a walmart employee’s job to return carts any easier. When it’s open, I take full advantage.
    Also, I’m a judging machine. I bet I can outjudge any commenter here.

  • I confess that for about 10 years I was dating/married to a Russian Orthodox woman. Often, we would get our Christmas tree on what was– according to the western (Gregorian) calendar –“Christmas Eve.” And we would keep it until what was– according to the eastern (Julian) calendar –“New Years day” (January 14th). I confess that I enjoyed the ambiguity and the wiggle room that living on the boundary of the two traditions offered. When I was late buying or giving a gift, according to the new calendar, I would offer an apology with the explanation that we were celebrating old Christmas. Everybody seemed OK with that! 🙂