Monday Morning Confessional confess that I love the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter who is playing, I can always get up for that game. I confess that although I’m not a huge Jim Harbaugh fan (I’m still bitter about 1995-96 playoff win over the Chiefs), I still cheered for SF to come back and win. I was bummed when they came up short.

I confess that I thought Beyonce was great at half-time even though I’m a rock and roll guy, not a pop guy. I thought it was nice of her to include the other Destiny’s Child members onto the biggest stage around, even though her career has grown far beyond them. She didn’t have to do that and it seemed sort of humble and kind to me (not two traits I would often attribute to pop stars). Her performance was a spectacle and that’s what cuts it at the Super Bowl.

I confess that overall the commercials were a huge disappointment – too sexed up. My favorite commercial was a tie between Doritos one with the goat, and Amy Poehler’s Best Buy ad. I love that the Doritos spot was created by an independent filmmaker. My least favorite was a tie between Calvin Klien’s soft-core lady porn and all things Go Daddy. I kept thinking of all of the millions of little boys like mine who were watching the game. We are trying to get them into their teen years without being constantly over-sexualized. I’m about to reserve a couple of web domains and I’m now wondering who Go Daddy’s primary competition is so that I can give them my business.

I confess that I got smoked in our family side bet contest. Each year we do this spreadsheet of crazy picks: who will win the coin toss, will it be heads or tails, who will score first, get the first penalty, have the first turn-over, lead at halftime, and a bunch of over/unders. It adds a whole different game within the game. I got drilled by both of my boys this year. I knew it was going to be bad when Alicia Key’s took nearly three minutes to sing the national anthem.  The over and under was 2:05 and I took under. I also picked “yes” to the question “Will Jay-Z join Beyonce at halftime.” I came in third.

I confess that our annual family Super Bowl party was great as always. We push the couch up close to the TV  all 4 of us cram together and eat ourselves sick while we watch the game. I confess that I will be sad one day when my kids are too cool for it, but 4 hours on the couch laughing, talking, watching the game, and stuffing ourselves made for a great evening. I confess that often in the midst of those times with my family I try to take mental snapshots so that I won’t ever forget the moment; to let the memory of how we are right there in that moment sink way down deep, imprinting itself on my soul so that I will always be able to remember how we sat together for hours and just enjoyed being a family.

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  • Continued blessings on you and your family, Tim–I feel the love three states away! 😉

    I confess that I’ve been overly alert for conspiracies this super-bowl season:

    1) All the Ray Lewis hype on the NFL channel–all the praise; all extremely scripted and extremly lavish… Sounds like “hagiography” to me (in the perjorative sense of the word).
    2) Was the fix in for the Ravins all the time? To set up the Harbaugh bowl, in the first place, and to position Ray Lewis for his post career career?
    3) The emphasis on avoiding injuries had already evoked images of an NFL that becomes like professional wrestlers choriographing their matches.

    I confess that I really believe that items 2 and 3 are nonsense–just another example of why we (or at least “I”) should not take our (my) thoughts too seriously… But the Ray Lewis hype still seems like creative iconography to me (I just haven’t figured out who all stands to profit from it, beyond Ray, himself, and the NFL, generally). Rumor has it he may be going to work for ESPN, but it is unclear whether or not that, alone, could account for all the hype. Stay tuned!

  • is a place to register domains run by a friend of mine who uses the profits to support bivocational ministry in Maine.

  • I confess that after spending 2 years with only basic cable service, and watching collectively about 2 hours of cable TV in those 2 years, i’m happy to be ignorant. I did watch the super bowl yesterday (half of it), and while i enjoyed the family time, i found “television” to be one of the worst things ever. i’m pretty sure i felt my soul shrink. I confess that, as a person earning a living in the music business, I am proud of Beyonce for actually singing. She has the talent, and she proved it. It’s refreshing to see big pop stars remind people of why they are at the top. Talent. you can like it or not like it, but Beyonce can sing her sexually charged butt off!

    I confess that i find great entertainment in deleting people from my “sapcebooks” friend list when they become annoying to me. DEAL WITH IT!

    I confess that i also find great enjoyment in the little old ladies at the gym giving me the evil eye because i have quite a few, visible, tattoos. In makes my punk rock nature smile. I also chuckle a bit thinking, “you ladies better watch out, after i do these pull-ups, i’m going to stab you……”

  • Chris Pittenger

    I confess to being a hypocrite. I loved the Beyonce halftime show. I defended her barely there leather outfit strung together with some lace and her booty shake and her provocative gestures in the name of her amazing talent and beauty. I then extended no such grace to victor Ray Lewis– an arguably amazing football player whose choices in behavior present and past I abhor. His talent (but no beauty) did not cover his character flaws to me. I guess should also confess my judgmental nature. No beauty or talent in that.

    I confess that forever burned into my young sons memory is the go daddy kissing commercial– I confess to screaming louder than them while watching it. I LOVED the Tide Joe Montana stain commercial– laughed out loud loved it. I confess that I ate too much and fed everyone else too much.

    I confess that I am a little blue when the NFL season is over but hopeful for a new start for the chiefs every year at this time.