Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright for only $2 is running a deal right now where you can get N.T. Wright’s book Simply Jesus for only 2 bucks. It’s the electronic version (Kindle Version is what they call it). I do not own a kindle, but I use the free Kindle for PC software and use it read electronic books on my computer. Thanks to Doug Stuart for drawing this to my attention.

If you are curious, here are a couple of videos that introduce the book:

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  • Anonymous

    Where did you find this one?
    The link has a normal price!

  • scott stone

    Thanks for the tip! So why no ereader? My kids bought one of the larger kindles for me a few years ago. It’s great for travel, eliminating the need to carry around 3 or 4 books. But in all honesty I really prefer a book in my hands. I’ve actually got some books in the e version and paperback. Just can’t seem to make the transition fully.

  • Tim Suttle

    Yeah, I love the real thing. I have a whole system of symbols & ways of marking a book that make it easier to find stuff when I come back to it later on. I just never made the financial commitment to the e-reader. I think I’d love it for some fiction.

  • I’m not sure when I will read it, but I snagged it for $2.00. I bought a kindle a couple of years ago to load PDF files on. I had dozens– probably scores –of articles and books in PDF format that I never got around to reading on my computer and I thought it would help to have them on an eReader. And it has–except now I have hundreds of them! But I have read several of them that I would not otherwise have read and I look forward to reading more of them if and when the opportunity presents itself! With regard to PDF files, they are not always easy to read due to the print size (if you enlarge them, you sometimes lose part of the page and have to scroll right and left as well as up and down). But often they work just fine! And there are lots of classic works in philosopy, theology, and literature that are availble for free or very cheap (in both PDF and eBook format). Thanks for the heads-up on this N.T. Wright title.