Best Game Ever – I Really Want to Play… Your Friday Funny

Okay, true confession time: I’m afraid to play paint ball. I have tons of friends who have played it, or still do. I’ve been invited many times but have never played. It’s not that I’m pain averse, I’m okay with pain. However, I am deathly afraid of being startled. I’ve never liked it. Even as a child. To this day, if someone jumps out of the dark to try and scare or startle me? What can I say? My fight/flight instinct take me over and causes me to either curse like a sailor or to punch/slap them, regardless of how we are related (my commitment to non-violence notwithstanding). So, dressing up in full body gear and walking around a pasture or warehouse waiting on someone to pop out of nowhere and pummel me with over-sized bb’s filled with paint? This sounds horrible…

But this game? This game I would play…
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