I Fear the Day it Happens to Me: “How’re We Ever Going to Tell the Kids?”

My wife knows, of course, so do most of my friends. I mean it’s kind of obvious… not the sort of thing you can keep hidden for very long. Most of the people in my life are cool about it. I get the occasional eye roll or smirk. But my kids? They have no idea. I fear the day that they will figure it out… and they will figure it out. Today it is easy. I can walk in the door and say three words that are goofy or ironic and get a laugh from them anytime I want. I’ve got no less than a dozen things I can do, voices I can make, jokes I can tell over and over and they will think I’m funny. But the day is coming when it doesn’t work anymore. What do I do then? I can’t keep up this charade forever. What do I do when my children have to face one of the hard truths about their lives that I’ve been trying to conceal… their father is not funny. (See? Even the above paragraph… not funny).

This, however, this is funny (Have a great Friday everyone!):

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