Russell Brand, Tom Cruise & Scientology

I know very little about Scientology, and what I do know usually comes by way of entertainment news. I read a little bit at their website and watched a couple of videos this morning. Their marketing material makes it seems like a modern (maybe post-modern?), version of Gnosticism. Everything I’ve ever heard or read about it gives me the shivers. However, if this story true, the most damning evidence on Scientology would be that they don’t want Russell Brand. Who wouldn’t want Russell Brand? I know it’s all scripted, but this is a really funny bit that is sure to provide a little Friday Funny:

"Donald isn’t. Paramount to you. I want to be able to feed my family."

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  • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

    It may seem like a modern version of Gnosticism. It is a modern version of Flash Gordon, Amway, P.T.Barnum, the school yard bully and Jiminy Cricket. If they actually told people on the way in, what they were getting into, no one would join. Fortunately, thanks to increased communication on websites, books, newspapers and magazines, hardly anyone is joining. Cruise will be the last Scientologist. Among thousands of others, all three of his wives have since given it up.

  • Wayne

    That’s funny…

  • Philip Arlington

    Scientology’s website is full of lies. Some people have trouble grasping
    that an organization which calls itself a church can be built on a
    of lies, but the “Church” of Scientology is. It is only called a
    church to mislead people into thinking it is respectably Christian so
    will be easier to con them out of their money and other people will
    give it a free pass and not investigate what it actually believes, and
    how it actually behaves. It frustrates me that this devious
    misrepresentation is so successful. Scientology actually teaches that
    Christianity and the other world religions are false memories implanted
    by an evil alien warlord, but the suckers aren’t told that until they
    are well fleeced and psychologically trapped.

    Scientology has
    nothing to do with Gnosticism. It is not part of any broader religious
    tradition at all. It is completely materialistic and was originally
    presented as a science, but from that point of view it is a completely
    spurious pseudo-science. It doesn’t teach that the spiritual element in
    man can be released from its bondage in matter, but that misery is
    caused by engrams physically present in cell tissue. It isn’t mystical
    and it doesn’t even have a supreme being, unless you count L Ron
    Hubbard, who was a mentally ill con man who lied and lied and lied his
    way through life, and bullied, and cheated and then told a few more

    The bottom line is that Scientology is simply a quack
    mental health scam disguised as a religion for tax purposes, and run as a
    criminal conspiracy for the financial benefit of its leaders. Operation
    Clambake and Tony Ortega’s blog are good places to go for real

    • ngotts

      “Some people have trouble grasping that an organization which calls itself a church can be built on a mountain of lies, but the “Church” of Scientology is.”

      Ah, so it is a bona fide religion!

  • John Davis

    Don’t watch videos about it, or read ANYONE’s opinion about it. Read an actual book by the person who founded it and MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND.

    “What you observe is what you observe. Look at things and life and others directly, not through any cloud of prejudice, curtain of fear or the interpretation of another.” L.Ron Hubbard

    • I did make up my own mind. I was raised in that cult and at aged 8, they stole my mother from me. Scientology destroys families, bankrupts people and is mentally damaging. A multilevel pyramid scheme that poses as a religion, operates as a cult and founded by a madman.

  • hananova

    Scientology has some good stuff in it, but their admin is heavy-handed and the present leader is a violent criminal.

    • ngotts

      “the present leader is a violent criminal”

      Ah. So in that respect at least, he’s a true follower of the founder! See Russell Miller’s Bare-faced Messiah for an account of L. Ron Hubbard’s violent criminality.

  • Just as you would not want to have someone mock your own beliefs you should consider treating others how you would wish to be treated first. Scientology is a comprehensive religious philosphy that offers solutions to life and living. If you consider yourself Christian then you also should apply Christian principles; I am sure that Jesus would want you to treat others with compassion, not mockery. There are plenty of critics of Scientology just as there are plenty of critics of Christianity and other faiths too. In fact criticism is something that is habitual for some people. Looking at their own lives we can discover they also have their faults. If you really want to find out what Scientology is about then it would take reading and applying Scientology principles and then deciding for yourself if it works for you. Personally I have found Scientology principles to be useful in my life and having applied them successfully I have also used them to help others, whether from an illness or trauma or just to do better. There are those who will even criticize my comment once I have posted this, and I can only say I speak with sincerity. I know the subject, I know the history and I know the people in Scientology. So for those critics I say go find some nails and put someone else on your crucifix. L Ron Hubbard was a decent man trying to make the world a better place. A world full of scorners is a sick world. And to you Tim Suttle, I commend you on at least looking to the Scientology website to find information. But mocking…..please go find some nails and join the Roman camp.

    • ngotts

      I couldn’t care less if someone mocks my beliefs, but if you don’t want your beliefs mocked, find some less mockable beliefs. L Ron Hubbard was a pathological liar, a misogynist, a homophobe, a bully, and a criminal.

    • Robert Long

      Dianetics is the steamiest turd in the pile. If you’d actually read it without preconceptions you would see that.