Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye to his Mom: A Lovely Friday Funny

Stephen Colbert does one of the most hilarious tv shows ever – great social commentary. I have appreciated him for a long time, but nothing he’s ever done moved me like this video. On his first show back after his mother’s death, Colbert broke character for a moment to pay her tribute. He did a quick telling of her life-story with great humor and appreciation. It’s really touching. To be as funny as Colbert it probably would take a mother who taught them to do stage-falls on the kitchen floor! He says that if you like the show, that’s because of the great staff. “If you like me also?” Colbert said, “It’s because of my mom.” It’s great to see a moment of vulnerability from a world-class satirist. So, at the risk of being totally sentimental, listen to a great comedian say goodbye to his mother. Have a great Friday everyone!

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  • “It is told that a Maharana of Udhaipur was mourning for the death of his mother, and for a long time his grief was so great that he could not overcome it. His ministers and friends tried to console him, telling him how fortunate he was, how great was his influence and power. He answered, ‘Yes it is true. But one thing grieves me. I have everyone to bow before me, to give way to me, to salute me, to obey; but there was one, when I came into the palace before whom I could be humble. My mother was the one before whom I could humble myself, and I cannot tell you the joy that was to me!’ ” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan