Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I’ve been on a bit of a digital fast for the past two weeks. My family and I went camping and hiking around Colorado for a week and them came home to just lay low and take it easy. It’s been a great two weeks and I’m feeling much more energized as I get to work this morning. Still, I have to confess that I wish I had another week off!

I confess that Colorado has to be the most beautiful state in the union.

I confess that my whole family got freaked out by a marmot while hiking the base of the horseshoe bowl at Breckenridge. We watched this marmot fooling around near the trail for awhile, and we were being all quiet trying not to disturb it.  Then all of the sudden there were 2 marmots, then 4, one of whom was happily running down the path straight toward us. We froze. “Is a marmot dangerous? This one looks kind of angry. What if he’s super-starved and he wants to eat us? Should we wave our arms & yell? I don’t like the look on that marmot’s face.” No response from the marmot… he/she just kept on coming.  We were trying to decide if we should just step off the path and give him room to go by when the marmot hit the gas heading straight for us. “Backup! Backup! Backup!” It was extremely steep on one side as we scampered back another 20 feet. It’s hard to belly laugh at 12,000 feet without passing out. He finally popped up on his hind legs, took a look at us, said, “Humph,” and scampered down into his hole. We are such city-folk.

I confess that doing nothing makes no sense to my production minded, ego-drive personality, but it makes a lot of sense to my soul. I’m trying to make that a personal maxim.

I confess that I’m trying to keep my grass from going dormant, so I’m thankful for the cooler weather. I can’t believe it’s a late July day with a high of 75 degrees in Kansas. I know it will be 112 degrees in the shade in another week or two, but I confess that I officially like summer… at least for today.

I confess that I’m fooling around with using a standing desk. My back has not been well for quite awhile now and I’ve read a few articles about how bad it is to sit at a desk for hours at a time without enough movement and stretching. So, I’m writing this blog post standing up. Anybody else use a standing desk? How has it worked? I’m trying to just stand a couple of hours a day, alternating between sitting like normal and standing up, especially when I’m going to be doing a lot of typing. I figure it worked for Earnest Hemingway, Victor Huge, and Virginia Wolfe maybe it will work for me.

I confess that I have a big writing deadline coming up. I almost always make my deadlines… but this one is going to hurt!

I confess that spending two weeks with my family has been amazing. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate that I get to be a part of Kristin’s life, and our two boys simply knock my socks of every single day with their energy, vitality, laughter, intellect, and joy. For two solid weeks I resolved not to take for granted what a gift it is to be roped together with these three beautiful souls, to appreciate the small moments, to laugh deeply and not worry about little things, to stop a few times each day and just drink in the goodness and delectability of life with my family. If I were to hashtag our family vacation it would be #joy.

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