Who Does the Voice of the Camel in Geico’s Hump Day Commercial? A Little Friday Funny

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWBhP0EQ1lAIt’s Friday, not hump day, but this is the funniest Geico commercial ever. Last I checked it was pushing 10 million views on Youtube. The animation with the camel’s mouth is amazing, and the concept is solid (a camel walking around an office as though he’s just part of the team, c’mon… that’s good stuff).

But, what makes Geico’s viral commercial work is the voice. Who is it?

According to The New York Times, his name is Chris Sullivan. The article says, “Mr. Sullivan is “an actor, voice over talent and musician with many years of experience in the entertainment industry,” …In addition to Geico, Mr. Sullivan’s “commercial acting career includes work for Jack Daniel’s, Snickers, Hilton and Budweiser.” You can visit his personal website here, or take a look at his IMDB site as well. He’s had small parts in Law & Order – SVU on NBC, A Gifted Man on CBS, and The Americans on FX. As well as appearances in a coupe of movies.

Here’s to Chris Sullivan – star of this week’s Friday Funny. You killed it, Chris. No matter how many times I watch this thing, it still makes me laugh. Here’s hoping to hear your voice as the character in an upcoming Pixar movie. Nice work, man!

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    Mr. Suttle, I was so happy to see your piece on that camel, easily the best thing on TV right now (and that includes Kevin Spacey on Netflix.). I was actually thinking about what makes that entire commercial work so much better than any other Geiko ad, and any other current ad. Of course, you’re right: the voice talent of Chris Sullivan is key. But I need to point out that the supporting actors in that commercial are also pitch perfect. The faces on the first two co-workers are just wonderful, and manage in silence to convey the best thing about the ad–that the camel has been working there a long time, and is a total pain in the neck. The third co-worker should take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Geiko ad. It’s an art to deliver three words that exquisitely. I hear her quoted everywhere these days, and not just on Wednesdays.
    I’m with you on this ad. The last time I came running for a commercial, I was 13, and it was for the cute Dr. Pepper guy (David Naughton). Now my son calls me whenever my camel is on.
    Many happy hump days to you.

  • Joe blow

    GEICO commercials are among the funniest ever: pig with the pinwheel and in the convertible, etc. Camel is the best ever, and I agree the long-suffering faces of the actors are priceless. I don’t know if this makes me want to buy GEICO insurance, but I salute them for brightening the day of millions.