Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am writing and posting my Monday Morning Confessional on Tuesday this week. I’m hoping it makes for some really fresh and exciting new confessions… or maybe I’m just running late.

I confess that I turned in my manuscript for Shrink to Zondervan this morning. I confess that this has me very nervous, because it hits at my insecurities as a writer – (you’re not a real writer, you aren’t smart enough to write books, this isn’t original, good idea/bad execution) … anyway, I’m feeling vulnerable this morning because of it. It’s funny, even at age 43 I still have to struggle just to show up and be myself instead of trying to work to get everyone to like me. I confess that the editor I’m working with on this project is an obvious pro & helped to diffuse some of my anxiety this morning, for which I am grateful.

I confess that I don’t want the U.S. to start dropping smart bombs on Syria. Seriously, can we just take a few years and not get into any new wars?

I confess that K-State got thwacked by North Dakota State. I was not up on their program but learned they’ve won the national championship in their division two straight years, and they’ve beaten the last for Div. 1 teams they’ve faced including Minnesota, KU, Colorado State, and now K-State. We got free tickets to the game and had a blast right up until the final five minutes. My oldest son Nick spent the next day figuring out who his backup teams are going to be this year. I heard him mention Alabama… I’m not happy about that.

I confess that at the end of this week Redemption Church turns ten years old. I can’t believe it has been that long. Double digits. Amazing.

I confess that since the manuscript is done, it’s time to actually start cleaning up the mess in my home office. I have no less that 45 books stacked up all around me, and haven’t cleaned off my desk in two months.

I confess that I have not looked at my blog analytics in weeks. I’m trying not to care about traffic and just think about content.

I confess that fall is in the air this morning it was about 65 at hour house when we woke up this morning. Fall rules.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got – your turn:

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