This is the Best Rationale for a Single Payer Healthcare System I Have Ever Seen

I have long loved John Green & the mental floss peeps (I’m assuming he has a serious team of researchers). This explanation of the healthcare problem we face in our society is incredibly thorough and succinct. Green does a masterful job of providing perspective on the scope and complexity of the current situation, and how we compare to the rest of the world. The opening salvo about taxes and healthcare gives me the shivers.

One thing that Green didn’t mention is that Medicare not only always gets the lowest prices, but their care is more comprehensive, and their overhead is drastically less than any private insurer – drastically… any private insurer… period. I think it is time to admit that healthcare is one problem that free markets cannot fix. The Affordable Care Act may not be perfect, but it’s a place to start. I wish congress would stop voting to repeal it (they’ve done so over 40 separate times… they spend 15% of their time on the house floor trying to repeal it. This body has become ridiculous), and get to work making it better.

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  • scott stone

    Yep, he’s right on the money! I’ve known much of this for years and have been an advocate for single payer for a long time. If we want to stimulate the economy and pull many of those who live on the margins into the middle class, single payer would expedite that goal.
    My only issue with you is on Obamacare (since the Prez himself calls it that, I’m safe to use the term. Some get worked up if you don’t call it the ACA. Never remember anyone getting agitated at the term Romneycare). I’m for repeal and replace. Obamacare is a technical nightmare from so many positions. I think it will set back the implementation of single payer by decades. We have a very difficult time tinkering with social entitlements once they are implemented. Look at SSI, Medicare, and Medicaid. What they cost compared to what they were projected to cost at implementation is stunning. All three are hands off programs. Obama should have done it right from the get go and went for single payer.

    I think not focusing on the economy 100% at the beginning of his first term, getting that all straightened out will prove to be his biggest failure. Imagine if he could have been the architect to a robust recovery. Single payer would have been a piece of cake. I know many will blame the Republicans, and I acknowledge that they sucked to try and work with but the dude had 60 senators and a large majority in the house when he was first elected. What we ended up with was a misguided stimulus and a fairly impotent health bill.
    Single payer all the way! Your thoughts?

  • scott stone

    Not to beat a dead horse but you have to admit that Obamacare is fast becoming what I feared. As I stated a few times even before implementation, this thing is a technical nightmare. I can’t envision the public allowing the government to adopt a single payer system after the total incompetence we’ve seen from the administration. This is a tremendous setback for Americans.