Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am still learning how to take a day off. One of the realizations I’m coming to is the idea that taking an actual Sabbath day requires a lot of preparation. Saturday has to be a pretty productive day, and I have to think ahead about what needs to be done in order to observe a Sabbath from Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon, and make sure it’s done. I confess that this week I did a pretty lousy job of prep.

I confess that my oldest is now using hair gel. It’s be beginning of a new era. As a parent you realize there is a fine line between vanity and good hygiene. If the two extremes are prissy and Pig-pen, you gotta hope they lean away from Pig-pen, right? Here’s hoping they can find a happy medium.

I confess that – owing to the generosity of some good friends – our family got to go to the Chief’s game yesterday. It was one of those memories that I think I’ll never forget as long as I live. It was a flawless experience. We got into the parking lot with minimal wait. Played catch with the football and took in the atmosphere. The game itself was incredible, and a lot of the good plays happened right on our end of the field. The boys really got into it, yelling like crazy. The people around us behaved well (we sat in front of a couple who had recently visited our church, and had a great conversation with them at halftime – how’s that for weird?). The game got really close. The play of the game was Hali’s sack that caused a fumble that Johnson recovered. It all happened right in front of us. Victory formation. Game over. 7 – 0. Hoarse voices. Quick exit from the parking lot (amazing), and mom let us have pizza rolls for dinner. We had so much fun. I’m still smiling this morning. It was nearly the perfect day.

I confess that Kristin and I had a busy weekend: kids sports stuff, a church barbecue (cooking for that), tons of homework with the kids, church, the Chiefs game and a few other little things. When we got up this Monday morning we realized we were out of breakfast food. I confess that both Kristin and I make ourselves feel guilty when that happens (mostly Kristin, but this time it was on me, too) – like we are not getting the job done. Today, both boys took it upon themselves to make us feel better – especially mom – and to cheer her on and tell her that she did a great job this week. I watched it unfold – mom’s confession to the boys, their initial “What?’, and then their immediate turn to graceful understanding. Don’t get the wrong idea, they can be little turds sometimes, but today they knocked it out of the park for their mom. And let’s face it – the mom in this family keeps the wheels on the cart.

I confess that I awoke today to the sounds of my dog Lucy getting ready to puke in our bedroom. She’s old and is kind of losing it. I confess that even though she’s a pain in the tookus, I still think she’s an awesome dog.

I confess that when I am feeling tired or discouraged, I still watch the Geico hump day commercial. It’s seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. So if you are having a bad Monday, watch this.

Okay friends… I made my confession. Time for you to make yours:

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  • Wayne Ferguson

    I confess that I am happy for you and your family AND Andy Reed and his “family” (especially Alex Smith).

    I confess that I am often self-absorbed, judgmental, and grasping…