Watching as These Middle School Kids Figure Out the Secret to Life

The secret to life is in understanding that you can only find your life by losing it, and that you lose your life when you try to find it. The secret to life is knowing that if you want to live, you have to learn how to die in a thousand tiny ways – to yourself and to others – every day. When I see middle school students leaning into this reality, it makes me happy.

I once heard Andy Crouch say that you know that justice exists when you can see the flourishing of the vulnerable in community. He went on to explain that the flourishing of the vulnerable depends upon the vulnerability of the flourishing. I think he’s absolutely right.

I know that it’s put forth in a pretty sentimental package, but weed out the sappiness and you can see that these kids are connecting with ancient wisdom, and the way of justice. Way to go Olivet Middle School Eagles. I am so proud of you and I am inspired by you today.

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