Lego Movie Bloopers: A Little Friday Funny

For my money, the best children’s films tell two parallel stories: a straight forward story for the kids, and another more sarcastic and witty story for the adults – cultural references, double entendre, irony the kids don’t catch but we do. About the only way I can make it through a kid’s movie without falling asleep these days is if they throw enough jokes in for me. If they don’t, I’m out like a light… I paid 8 dollars to get a really bad nap during Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

We took our family to the Lego Movie for an early Valentine’s Day celebration last night, and I only started to doze off once. On the whole, I’m pretty sure the grown ups laughed harder than the kids – at least in our theater. It’s funny and creative and tells a pretty redemptive story. Plus, the voice over actors delivered: Will Arnett (Batman), nearly steals the show. Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, & Elizabeth Banks are all good, and Jonah Hill does a killer cameo as Green Lantern.

As part of their ongoing campaign to market the movie to grown-ups, Warner Bros released the above blooper trailer that made me laugh. Some of it seems staged, but some of it seems to come from funny moments caught on tape during the voice over acting sessions. I’m glad they took the time to put some animation to it. The last 30 seconds are the best.

Happy Friday everyone!

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