Jesus Smoothies: A Little Friday Funny

Every now and then I have one of those days when I struggle to make sense of the work I do. One of my favorite antidotes – if I can find the time – is to watch an episode of Rev. from the BBC. It’s my own creamy tropical Jesus splash, which is, for the record, much preferable to the Merry Berry Jesus Explosion (for more reasons than just the taste). If you’ve never watched the show you can catch the first two seasons on Hulu. It’s seriously one of my all time favorites. Season 03 has just started airing on the BBC Two. I haven’t yet found a way to watch the episodes online, but it looks like they are released a month after the original air date.

This clip comes from Season 01, episode 02 – Jesus is Awesome. In light of KC’s visit from the Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Tom Wright yesterday, I thought this would make a fitting laugh for a Friday morning.

Work hard everyone – the weekend is almost here. Peace.

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