Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I love Easter Sunday. I love that everybody shows up for church on the same day. I love that the culture hasn’t found an effective way to completely commercialize it yet. I love that Easter means that family and friends will be spending long hours together talking, laughing, telling stories, and playing games. I love the energy in the worship. Most of all I love to tell the story about love overcoming fear, and life overcoming death.

I confess that I do not generally enjoy the day after Easter (here’s a bit about why). But this year we are schedule to pick up our new puppy Hazel, who is ready to come home with us today. That should make the day at least a little bit interesting, although the sheer volume of email that came flooding into my inbox this morning was enough to make me want to hide in the closet. I’ve got some chores to do to get the house puppy-ready, but ready or not, Hazel’s coming home today. Lord have mercy.

I confess that this is the first blog post I’ve done on the new mac. I confess that this platform is really fun to work on, but it feels pretty daunting to be making this kind of a shift. It’s a bit like trying to cook in someone else’s kitchen. I don’t know where anything is yet. I confess that when I work on the mac, I usually have to have my old computer open for one reason or another. Doing the side-by-side comparison doesn’t bode well for the PC (or the ADD). My only frustrations are that I don’t know all of the shortcuts yet. I could work so quickly on my PC. Friends have told me it takes a month to retrain. I have a feeling it’ll take longer.

I confess that my kids are pretty into Phineas and Ferb. As my boys have grown up through the various stages of kid’s entertainment, I have only been a handful of kid’s TV shows I’ve been able to tolerate, much less enjoy. This is one of my favorites. Phineas and Ferb is stinking hilarious. I actually watch it when the kids aren’t around. The only other kids show that is like that for me is the new Looney Tunes stuff. I don’t know who is writing the teleplay, but they nail Daffy Duck’s character. Kristen Wiig & Fred Armisan are really good on voice-overs.

I confess that while working at Panera a couple weeks ago, I saw a young woman wearing MC Hammer pants; full-on baggy pants, low hanging crotch, tapered to the cuff Hammer-time pants. They looked to be made out of something like scrubs or PJ material. The entire ensemble included a tube top with a fitted jacket over the top. She looked like a dancer on In Living Color. It was awesome. If this is fashion forward, I’m going to have to get myself mentally prepared.

I confess that this MMC is going to be short. I need to spend some time with my kids, they are off school today. After a long Lent and Holy Week, they are starting to forget that I live here.

Okay friends, that’s my confession. Time for yours:

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