Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I think the Red Headed Woodpeckers that pecked through our chimney and made a nest in the wall have apparently moved on. I’ve not seen the pair around lately, so it’s probably time to start patching over their handiwork. I can do the woodwork. The difficult part is the ladder, because I’m deathly afraid of heights. Technically, I’m not afraid of heights I’m afraid of falling. And not so much falling as hitting the ground at a high rate of speed and breaking something. And not even so much breaking something as just general pain. So I guess I’m afraid of pain & that’s my excuse for why I haven’t gotten on top of a ladder and fixed the problem before now. I figure as long as I’m forcing myself to wet my pants, I might as well change a high-up lightbulb and clean the gutters. Anybody want to hold the ladder for me? Bring a raincoat…

I confess that I my exercise commitment is faltering to an alarming degree. I think I’ve let more days go by without running in the last six months than at any other time in the past two decades. I confess that there is hardly any area of my life that is made better by this lack of regular exercise… time to get on it.

I confess that I spent all day Friday putzing around the yard. It was not a strict “no work” kind of Sabbath, but I generally need to engage something that will keep me busy so that I don’t slide back into work. I went and filled a pickup truck full free (if you are willing to load it yourself) mulch from the Olathe yard waste facility & mulched much of the front & back yards at my house. I still have pretty much a full load to go before I’m off the mulch hook. I put down sod into the front yard where we used to have a big flower bed, and on the side of the house where our own personal Mississippi River flows every time it rains. I don’t know if that will work, but it was worth the ten bucks to find out. I listened all day to an audiobook and didn’t check email once. Friends stopped by to play with the puppy, and I had a longish lunch & trip to the nursery with Kristin. At the end of the day I was tired and sore, but realized I had completely disengaged from work & worry for an entire day. I had also spent the day using my hands, and mostly in silence. … I’d say all in all, it was dang close to a Sabbath experience. That makes two weeks in a row.

I confess that the puppy is still insanely adorable. However, we’ve finally reached the point of complete annoyance in the crate training category. Nearly everything about having a puppy is fun except this part. Let’s just say that Hazel is starting to explore her options a little more in terms of where she does her business–mostly in regard to her own kennel or the kitchen floor. My instinct is to go on lock down: strict supervised exercise, or else in the tight quarters of the kennel (rarely playing inside, mostly outside). We’ll see how it works. This always happens a few weeks in. The puppy gets more comfortable (and clueless), and starts to branch out.

I confess that May is certifiably crazy; so busy as to be somewhat miserable. If there is one month that needs a radical makeover, it would be May. Spring sports are in full swing. Summer sports have already started, so many kids are finishing up soccer & already playing baseball games. We are juggling 3 sports right now at our house. The kids have tons of tests and projects due. School music and arts programs. It’s field-trip/day season. Graduations. Graduation parties. End of school parties. Pre-marital counseling cranks up for summer weddings… and yard work. May is officially named unfriendly to humanity. Plus it’s hot… and you know how I feel about heat. I confess that my parents are in Laramie to see my cousin graduate from Univ. of Wyoming. When I talked to them last night there were 18 inches of snow on the ground and they were expecting another 6-8 inches overnight. I was jealous. A ginormous snow storm is exactly what May needs right now.

Okay friends… I’ve made my confession for this Monday. Time for you to make yours:

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