Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I just finished season one of The Vikings, and started in on the second season last night. I confess that the Season 2 premier was a bit disappointing. They jumped so far ahead in the story that I felt a little bit lost, like I had missed a few episodes or they jumped over a big part of the story. They sure didn’t waste any time introducing the obstacles for the season, I’m just not sure I like the ones they picked. I did call my lawyer today, because I’m pretty sure the producers used unauthorized video of my upper torso in place of Rollo’s torso in a few of the fight scenes (the tattoos gave it away). I didn’t sign off on being that pansy’s body double.

I confess that after being outscored 28-6 this weekend against the Tigers, I’m still trying to remain upbeat about this Royals baseball season. I think a 7 game road trip facing the Padres and Mariners–both teams with losing records–could be just what the doctor ordered. I confess that I think we’ll end the road trip at or above .500. If we keep losing, and losing in an ugly fashion, I’ll probably mow through season 2 of The Vikings during their stint on the road.

I confess that the experiment of 5:30 am wake up is still going surprisingly well. The past two weeks I’ve had a kind of forced Sabbath on Friday, involved with family/friend stuff that took most if not all of the day. Both weeks helped me to think creatively about how to get sermon prep accomplished without working on Friday. Now I need to make those adjustments part of my regular routine. The fight for a consistent Sabbath continues…

I confess that I’ve signed up to do a plot in my church’s community garden. I’m trying to commit to growing only things I will actually eat. As it turns out that list is pretty short. So, I’m going to try and plant corn, green beans, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes, possibly trying potatoes and more carrots in the fall. I have also noticed that among those who garden and talk about it on the internet, there are widely varying opinions concerning what makes for a good garden.

I confess that I am about 65% migrated to the Mac at this point. This will be the first week that I’ll use it as my primary computer. The big learning curve so far has been adjusting to the non-linear organizational structure. I’ve got to retrain a lot of my computer reflexes, but the physical training comes pretty quickly for me. The problem is retraining my brain. I’m constantly opening scores of documents, checking what I’ve written before, using previous language or ideas in things I’m working on currently. I’ve got 15 years of brain training on a PC. Learning to train my thinking to a new navigational philosophy is requiring me to learn new patterns and to adapt my brain to a new system. It’s actually been pretty fun so far. Still hoping to get it all switched over by the end of the week.

I confess that my exercise routine is still not anywhere close to back to normal. I could blame it on a busy season at work (which is true), and little league sports. But the truth is that I’ve just not been disciplined lately.

I confess that I picked up Jared Diamond’s Collapse again this week, and now I can’t put it aside. I was just going to read the Vikings section again, but am plowing through the whole book. It’s such a good read.

I confess that my  standard order on Girl Scout Cookies is 4 boxes of thin mints. Usually I can make that stretch all the way through the summer. But this year I’m already down to my last box. That’s what I get for sharing.

Okay friends, I’ve made my confession. Your turn:

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  • Tim Keel

    I confess that I finished season two of The Vikings last night. Fear not. It. Is. Epic.