Seven Takes in Seven Words or Less (sort of)

Seven Takes in Seven Words or Less (sort of) December 1, 2017


1. Thoughts during the Santa Claus Parade

Good riddance, November! December already? Ack!


2. At The Personalist Project

I muse about identity and community.

3. Good things about December

Sinterklaas comes soon. Time for speculaas!


4. Buy my stuff, please?

Order my clay characters! Discount code:  STNICK.


5. Thought inspired by Pence-rule debates

Schmoozing workplaces discriminate against people I’d trust.

6. I love my weird kids

Christmas Lego competition entry: “Alien Santa Auditions.”


7. On navigating boundaries and generousity

Give freely what you can freely give.


All photos mine.



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