Strawberries and Sorrow

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed this week. The week didn’t start well. As we gathered Saturday to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday, my parents and siblings and I received the news that my Opa–who had spent the last two weeks hospitalized after a fall–had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t expected to last the [Read More…]

Seven Quick Takes: Tea and Transitions

-1- There was a time when I did Seven Quick Takes most weeks. I went looking for the image and realized that Jen Fulwiler hasn’t hosted them for…years, now…and doesn’t really blog a ton anymore with everything she has going on. How did I not notice that? When did I stop reading along? I’m not [Read More…]

To Destroy a Piece of Your Heart

There’s a Solzhenitsyn quote which I love, and quote frequently–I quoted a related passage only a month ago. The quote goes like this: If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the [Read More…]

When Geeks War and Catholics Troll

I’m going to talk about Geekdom–communities of enthusiasts or fans–for a little bit. Bear with me. One of the things self-professed “geeks” often argue about–and geeks LOVE to argue–is what it means to be a “geek,” and who qualifies. Sometimes the debate is playful, but sometimes it’s an attempt to exclude people for being “fake [Read More…]

What parenting taught me about marriage

…and what marriage taught me about parenting. Simcha wrote a great piece today about bad marriage advice, comparing it to advice on parenting toddlers. I have a slightly different perspective, since a lot of what I’ve learned from parenting has been applicable to my marriage, and a lot of what I’ve learned through my marriage [Read More…]

Modesty and the Naked Truth

I want to propose a definition for modesty that seems to me to fit all of the best, most common-sense ideas of dress and modesty, while avoiding the traps some fall into which make it such a difficult virtue to talk about. First of all, I want to reject any definition that defines modesty strictly [Read More…]

Dear Immigration Canada…

In response to your recent request for more “proof of relationship…and…evidence of cohabitation” to support my husband’s immigration petition, may I offer the following evidence of his presence in our lives and home? 1) There are more sharp things in my house, and the children have been learning how to use them. 2) I’m not the [Read More…]

At The Personalist Project: The Sandals of Whatever

I snarked on Facebook earlier this week that everybody loves to talk about the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit, but we don’t talk about the sandals of the gospel of peace. That’s a shame, because it’s the only item mentioned in that passage from Ephesians that has anything to do with [Read More…]

How Not to Do Spiritual Warfare

In spiritual warfare, the enemy is always and everywhere the Enemy. Every soul is a battleground. [Read more…]

At the Personalist Project: A Singular Mother’s Day

Today at the Personalist Project, I’m writing about Anna Jarvis and the founding of Mother’s Day, and what we can learn about love from the placement of an apostrophe.  “Anna Jarvis was never able to put the genie of Mother’s Day back in the bottle. This weekend, mothers everywhere will get store-bought cards and flowers, [Read More…]