The problem of Ken and Barbie

Flipping through Netflix recently, my kids and I wound up watching a handful of episodes of the slightly satirical show, “Barbie: Life in the Dream House.” One episode poked fun at how Barbie has had hundreds of careers over her history, but Ken’s primary role is as her boyfriend. She is both breadwinner and sexual [Read More…]

Friendship Through A Glass Darkly

When my oldest child was small, he would sometimes ask me what I was doing with my laptop as I paced around from one end of our tiny rental lot to the other trying to pick up a free WiFi signal from one of the nearby hot spots so that my blogreader would load up [Read More…]

The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer

We talk about living in a post-Christian era, but what does that actually look like? Does it look like the serene and peaceful world of John Lennon’s Imagine? Or does it look like the tumultuous and fractious rise of Donald Trump?   A columnist from The Atlantic posits that the rise in populist rhetoric and increasing [Read More…]

Back Again

I’ve been away this past week, and have subsequently neglected the blog.   We spent three days in Toronto last week visiting friends, then spent half a day at my brother’s house on the way home, then drove to the Brockville Aquatarium to meet up with other friends the day after that. And it was [Read More…]

At The Personalist Project: A Cat-shaped Carrot

Yesterday was my oldest son’s birthday, and it got me musing about the nature of time and the self, and how there is a continuity to the self from conception through into death (and, we Christians believe, into eternity).   I look at my son, and because I have known him so well for so [Read More…]

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

One of my favourite FB features is the “On This Day” app that lets you see your posts from the same day in years past. I particularly appreciate the reminders of days spent with my children when they were younger, and my hopes, anxieties, and impressions of the people they were and were becoming. Today [Read More…]


Prometheus . Into the window of time, new-opened, Adam’s hand, Prometheus-like, was singed condemned for stealing, spread-eagle on the deadened land – fire his chain, his bond, his plow, fire and Midas-like every tongue greed touch of red-gold spreads over eons and ages and sins of man. . So now we all, all are inflamed. [Read More…]

At The Personalist Project: When Friendship Doesn’t Go Far Enough

There’s an article going around with the click-bait title, “More Than BFFs: When Friendship Goes Too Far.” Honestly, that title feels like it should have a “Bum bum BUUUUMMMMM!” after it. Anyway, after some discussion on Facebook, I decided to write a little bit about the problem I see with the article as it stands, and my [Read More…]

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. In a little while, I will go to Mass and receive ashes on my forehead, a reminder of mortality and my own weakness. It occurs to me that, for all the scoffing at people who are “only Christian on Sundays,” that it might be true that the only time any of [Read More…]

Fat Tuesday and the Good of Created Things

It says something interesting about Catholic culture that Pancake Tuesday and Shrove Tuesday sit comfortably alongside each other as alternate names for the same day. Indulgence and confession, enjoyment and penitence, on a single day of the calendar. “Shrove” and “Shrivetide” refer to the practice of using the time immediately before Lent to examine one’s [Read More…]