At The Personalist Project: Broken for Us

Christ died. He suffered that sundering of body and soul that awaits us all, so that we could live beyond it and know a bodily resurrection. But his Passion began before his crucifixion, and I’ve begun to wonder whether his Passion might not have begun even earlier, with his Incarnation, with the small violations of [Read More…]

Fields of our hearts

I woke up this morning to the sound of a child retching in the bathroom. Not how anyone wants to begin a holiday morning. This is how my day started: up at 6:30 after a scant four hours of interrupted sleep, blearily cleaning up child and environs, disinfecting things, comforting, and trying to gather enough [Read More…]

When marriage hurts

There’s a powerful guest post over at Simcha Fisher’s blog today about abuse in Catholic marriages. An excerpt: Very often the faithful spouse suffers in isolation, feeling compelled to endure more abuse to be faithful to their marriage, family, Church. They need to hear that they aren’t alone, that they are loved and that they need [Read More…]

At The Personalist Project: Can Men and Women Be Friends?

A couple of days ago, a writer at The Federalist went on a “just-kidding-but-not-really” rant about how the “friend zone” is dooming Western Civilisation and how it is all women’s fault for thinking men actually want female friendship in the first place. Unable to resist the opportunity to both rip down some idiocy and explore the [Read More…]

Should your teenage daughter learn NFP?

Fertility Awareness should be for every woman—not just sexually active ones I had a somewhat unusual sex education. Not unusual in most respects–I went to Ontario Catholic schools, which means that I had the same flush of embarrassment and curiosity over the diagrams in Chapter Four of our Fully Alive “family life” books as did [Read More…]

Drink Your Poison Yourself

I spent my morning on Facebook trying to communicate with a super-bitter, misogynistic geek guy with a chip on his shoulder the size of Rhode Island and talking points straight out of Elliot Rodger’s manifesto. I was going to write today about ADHD and messiness and the illusion of control in the goal of perfect efficiency and [Read More…]

The problem of Ken and Barbie

Flipping through Netflix recently, my kids and I wound up watching a handful of episodes of the slightly satirical show, “Barbie: Life in the Dream House.” One episode poked fun at how Barbie has had hundreds of careers over her history, but Ken’s primary role is as her boyfriend. She is both breadwinner and sexual [Read More…]

Friendship Through A Glass Darkly

When my oldest child was small, he would sometimes ask me what I was doing with my laptop as I paced around from one end of our tiny rental lot to the other trying to pick up a free WiFi signal from one of the nearby hot spots so that my blogreader would load up [Read More…]

The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer

We talk about living in a post-Christian era, but what does that actually look like? Does it look like the serene and peaceful world of John Lennon’s Imagine? Or does it look like the tumultuous and fractious rise of Donald Trump?   A columnist from The Atlantic posits that the rise in populist rhetoric and increasing [Read More…]

Back Again

I’ve been away this past week, and have subsequently neglected the blog.   We spent three days in Toronto last week visiting friends, then spent half a day at my brother’s house on the way home, then drove to the Brockville Aquatarium to meet up with other friends the day after that. And it was [Read More…]