The Ethics of Bad Friends and Good Art

"We can keep being friends, just so long as you know you're a bad one!"What a line. Hannah Horvath, everyone's favorite narcissist, coked out of her mind and newly freed of her inhibitions, captured the entire ethos of the show Girls, in 15 words.The scene came back to me when I saw yesterday's new trailer for the next season of the show. It looks fabulous. Hannah's cut her hair! Jessa's reappeared from Peru/Bali/the South Bronx! The inevitable manslaughter-suicide of Ray and Shoshanna … [Read more...]

A Queer(er) Mormonism

Just when we thought the Romneys' exeunt might take the spotlights off, the Church thrust itself right back into center stage last week with Headlines in news publications asked if this site signified an eventual change in the church's policy, and members pondered the significance of an active and obvious--if chaste-- LGBTQ community within the body of the church itself.Some of the headlines are a little overblown: after all, very little here is different from what we … [Read more...]

One Miracle at a Time

The post I was going to publish today will have to wait. The news from General Conference was so unanticipated, especially to this out-of-the-loop lapsed Mormon woman who had entirely forgotten that Conference would be this weekend, that I woke up this morning with a peculiar gnaw in my belly, a feeling I thought I’d abandoned several years ago when I decided, for my emotional health, that I would pull my spiritual expression inward and stay away from the pew for a few years. By shutting out m … [Read more...]

The Illuminated Mundane

In Washington, DC, I didn't have a good view of the Venus Transit. It was cloudy until sunset, so I pulled up NASA's livestream from a telescope in Hawaii. For close to an hour, I flipped between the last tasks of work and the flickering image of a tiny dot sliding across the surface of a giant, shaggy circle. The light from the window, still warm and gray and pink at 7:30, hurt my eyes when I looked away from the screen. The transit won't happen again until 2117, a year that even our … [Read more...]

Bones & Honey: The Problem of Allegory

I've been thinking about fury. Specifically, my fury.It's a new experience. The course of my life has been relatively blessed, so much so that the physical feeling of absolute, inarticulate rage, expressed in finger-trembling and skin flushing and hyperventilation and everything else, is a recent discovery, a novelty of the last year or so. I won't go into the whys or wherefores. I will say there's at least one bonus: I find it weirdly satisfying to suddenly know what other people mean when t … [Read more...]