People watching

I like to watch people. OK. That sounds a little creepy I guess, but it’s true. The other day I was sitting in the car with the kids outside the mall while my husband ran inside for something. It’s amazing to watch the different people come out of the mall and head to their cars. One man came out of the Mall carrying a large theater popcorn, full to the top. He went to his car and drove away. It was as if he had come to the mall expressly for the popcorn. Teenagers wander into the mall, girls with long hair reaching their waists and boys hiking up their too-big pants. Amazingly they manage to text, walk and talk with friends at the same time, without walking into walls.A young man and an old … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #8

Every month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share the latest and greatest from our blogs.This month I've decided to share my post "The Church of Me". Hop over to her blog to discover more blogs and maybe share something from your own! … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #27

1.Ms Action insisted on vacuuming all by herself when we were cleaning the living room. She vacuumed the whole room, she even picked up the rug and vacuumed under it. And despite the missed crumbs in front of the couch, and the fact that she forgot to vacuum the top of the rug, I let it be good enough. I didn’t re-touch, I didn’t point out what she had missed, I thanked her and helped her put the rug back in the center of the room. And my reward was watching her almost burst with pride when she got to tell her daddy that she vacuumed "all by herself".2.Ms Drama slapped her older sister and was put into the chill-out chair with the timer set for 2 minutes. She was screeching her unhap … [Read more...]

What if God?

What if God loves everyone?What if God doesn’t care so much about performance levels?What if God doesn’t detest us because of our sin? What if his reaction is more like someone getting frustrated when a loved one goes back to an old addiction over and over. What if God doesn’t send us terrible events in our lives to “break our spirits” and “test our faith”.What if God’s love isn’t contingent on how well we follow his guidelines?What if God accepts us even when we are flawed and imperfect, struggling with the same tendencies over and over. What if he doesn’t say “come back when you want to be a “real” Christian”.What if God doesn’t judge us by how “on fire for God” we are?What if God is b … [Read more...]

Why I’m not sure if I’ll Homeschool

I have a love-hate relationship with homeschooling. I was homeschooled K-12, and had never set foot inside of a regular school until I was in my 20’s on a tour. There were things that I liked about Homeschooling. In the early grades I could finish all my schoolwork early in the day and spend the rest of the day outside. I enjoyed spending time with my siblings. My parents told me that they were homeschooling because they loved me, and that the school systems were terrible for so many reasons, so they were protecting me from them.There are a lot of reasons to Homeschool, and on the surface many of them sound great! Looking back, most of the reasons my parent's homeschooled just don't resonate … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #27- Instructions for a crummy day

1. Exhaustion. In order to have a truly horrific day, you must start with being tired. Try going to bed much to late the night before after watching a 3 hour movie. Or just having a unhappy baby waking up to nurse several times can suffice. Be sure to get up at the crack of dawn, no sleeping in to make up for a lack of sleep if you want to achieve crumminess.2. Lack of proper nutrition. Now that you are relatively awake, be sure that you don't eat breakfast. Eggs sound nasty when you've just woken up, and it would waste far to much time to get all that stuff out and actually cook something. Tell yourself that you will eat later and then conveniently forget to eat anything but that handful of … [Read more...]


Having dreams is kind of new to me, I had lots of them when I was like 15, like being a lawyer, senator, missionary, chef and Olympic ice skater. As well as being a mother with tons of children of my own as well as all the unloved children from around the world that I was going to rescue someday.Further into my teens my ideas and inspirations were narrowed more and more into what my parents wanted from me. It made no sense to enjoy or study anything that was not compatible with being a stay at home mom, it would just be a waste of money and time if you would have to give up the minute you got married. This narrowed the list considerably. Being a lawyer or senator would be impossible as a … [Read more...]