Why I’m not sure if I’ll Homeschool

I have a love-hate relationship with homeschooling. I was homeschooled K-12, and had never set foot inside of a regular school until I was in my 20’s on a tour. There were things that I liked about Homeschooling. In the early grades I could finish all my schoolwork early in the day and spend the rest of the day outside. I enjoyed spending time with my siblings. My parents told me that they were homeschooling because they loved me, and that the school systems were terrible for so many reasons, so they were protecting me from them.There are a lot of reasons to Homeschool, and on the surface many of them sound great! Looking back, most of the reasons my parent's homeschooled just don't resonate … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #27- Instructions for a crummy day

1. Exhaustion. In order to have a truly horrific day, you must start with being tired. Try going to bed much to late the night before after watching a 3 hour movie. Or just having a unhappy baby waking up to nurse several times can suffice. Be sure to get up at the crack of dawn, no sleeping in to make up for a lack of sleep if you want to achieve crumminess.2. Lack of proper nutrition. Now that you are relatively awake, be sure that you don't eat breakfast. Eggs sound nasty when you've just woken up, and it would waste far to much time to get all that stuff out and actually cook something. Tell yourself that you will eat later and then conveniently forget to eat anything but that handful of … [Read more...]


Having dreams is kind of new to me, I had lots of them when I was like 15, like being a lawyer, senator, missionary, chef and Olympic ice skater. As well as being a mother with tons of children of my own as well as all the unloved children from around the world that I was going to rescue someday.Further into my teens my ideas and inspirations were narrowed more and more into what my parents wanted from me. It made no sense to enjoy or study anything that was not compatible with being a stay at home mom, it would just be a waste of money and time if you would have to give up the minute you got married. This narrowed the list considerably. Being a lawyer or senator would be impossible as a … [Read more...]

The Church of Me

The other day, I went wandering through an old graveyard with my husband. Maybe I’m weird, but I love reading the tombstones and trying to grasp some of the story behind the dates and names. This graveyard is on top of a hill and you can see the city where we live in the distance, it’s beautiful. There are people buried there that were born in the 1700’s, there are people buried there that were born in another country. There are some years where it seems like there must have been a flu epidemic or something, for that many people to be buried in one month. And there are the graves of children. The tombstone of a child never fails to move me. It’s almost as if the grief of the parents is still … [Read more...]

Mommy Guilt and Taking Care of Myself

After writing my bigger picture post last week, the comments really got me thinking. That post is the result of a long journey, and I was sharing something I learned at the end of that journey. So now I'm going to share a bit more detail.When I got married I was under the impression that "godly" women were called to sacrifice everything for their husband and children. After all, it was right there in Eve’s curse “Your desire shall be for you husband and he shall rule over you” and “I will greatly increase your pain in childbearing”. Women had brought sin into the world (and the woman who said yes to God when He wanted to bring redemption into the world was forgotten somehow), the only way to … [Read more...]

I’m Afraid to Believe

I have always been a Christian.I cannot remember a time in my life where I doubted the existence of God and his involvement in my life.Today its another story. This blog has been sounding a bit schitzo lately, because for the first time in my life I simply don’t know.Some days I am convinced that God is there and that I want to serve him. And the next day I wonder why I ever believed any of it.I grew up in a family that was too Christian for church. I was baptized as a 2 year old in an Assemblies of God Congregation. It was a believers baptism, so I guess I must have been able to lisp “I love Jesus” or something like that. We went to church, here and there. We moved alot when I was young, so … [Read more...]

A Day Redeemed

The day started out OK with pancakes and bacon, but it was downhill after that. Neither hubby or I wanted to do dishes, so we left them on the table. Then we retreated into the books we were reading and ignored the kids. After they ransacked the bedroom and made a fort out of clothing in the bathroom and showed up naked in the living room, we realized that we couldn't take a break from being parents, even for a day. So we started making snarky comments at each other and insinuating that the other parent  was the one being a deadbeat. Then I started stomping around the house (pretending to clean things up) huffing and puffing and slamming things. Then the kids … [Read more...]