I’m Afraid to Believe

I have always been a Christian.I cannot remember a time in my life where I doubted the existence of God and his involvement in my life.Today its another story. This blog has been sounding a bit schitzo lately, because for the first time in my life I simply don’t know.Some days I am convinced that God is there and that I want to serve him. And the next day I wonder why I ever believed any of it.I grew up in a family that was too Christian for church. I was baptized as a 2 year old in an Assemblies of God Congregation. It was a believers baptism, so I guess I must have been able to lisp “I love Jesus” or something like that. We went to church, here and there. We moved alot when I was young, so … [Read more...]

A Day Redeemed

The day started out OK with pancakes and bacon, but it was downhill after that. Neither hubby or I wanted to do dishes, so we left them on the table. Then we retreated into the books we were reading and ignored the kids. After they ransacked the bedroom and made a fort out of clothing in the bathroom and showed up naked in the living room, we realized that we couldn't take a break from being parents, even for a day. So we started making snarky comments at each other and insinuating that the other parent  was the one being a deadbeat. Then I started stomping around the house (pretending to clean things up) huffing and puffing and slamming things. Then the kids … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #26: Helpful Tips

1.Awhile back I lamented the time I spent trying to scrape sand off of my baby’s bottoms with wipes during trips to the beach. It was also a major problem when my kids played in a sandbox. The only solution that truly got all the sand off seemed to be complete submersion in water, until a commenter on my blog told me to try baby powder. It is amazing, damp little bodies can be covered in sand, diapers can be full of it, and all I have to do sprinkle on the powder (which my kids love!) and the sand that was stubbornly sticking to them before easily brushes away. Now we no longer have children complaining of sand irritation in the backseat on the way home from the beach.2.After much trial and e … [Read more...]

How bad is it? Really?

Ms Action stormed into the living room. “You make a mess!” She shrieked at Ms Drama. “Look at this, there are toys all over the place! You are going to get a spank!” After reassuring my 3 year old that it is OK to make a mess sometimes I wondered where that outburst had come from? I certainly don’t freak out that badly over messes, and I haven’t spanked or threatened to spank in months. Did she see it on a TV show? Was it a hangover from visiting relatives? I decided that maybe it was just a fluke, and forgot about it. The next day I saw her toss her dolly on the floor with a huff and say that she was a “pain in the butt”. I was horrified! Where was she getting this terrible attitude? It coul … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #7

Every month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share the latest and greatest from our blogs. Run over to her site and read all the other great entries and maybe share one of your own post from the last month.It's always tough to pick just one to share, but this month was worse than usual!I wrote my most popular post ever, Excessive Modesty makes me feel objectified. I talked about the changes in our family since we stopped spanking one year ago. I wrote about the judgment and discrimination in the christian community that weighs heavy on my heart.  And I shared my arsenal of gentle discipline blogs and websites.The one I decided to share at for the Saturday Evening Post is my post … [Read more...]

I’d love to post but…

My in-laws are coming over today. And I still have to air out the house, clean the bathrooms, catch up on laundry, clean my kitchen and vacuum everything (and I do mean everything! The girls were eating cake in their bedroom yesterday). Not to mention clean all the bedding that has been sitting in storage for months. So the 3 posts that are almost finished, are just going to have to sit in my documents folder until next week. Thank you so much for the emails and comments, they mean so much to me, and I will definitely be getting back to you.In the meantime, I'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers this weekend, since we never know how well family visits will go these days. It all … [Read more...]

I love you, I like you.

“Why don’t you ever say ‘I love you’?” My hubby and I were snuggling on our bed one night when he asked the question. At first I was indignant! “Of course I love you, what are you talking about?” He answered.“I know you love me Honey, but you don’t say those words to me. You say it once in awhile, like after I tell you that I love you, but I don’t really remember you saying to me on your own.”I thought about it for a moment, wracking my brain.“Well, I don’t just love you. I like you.”He laughed. “That’s true! Now that you mention it, you say ‘I like you’ all the time. But what’s wrong with ‘I love you’?”He was right, I didn’t say “I love you” very much. What was wrong with me? What was wrong … [Read more...]