My favorite part of the day

My baby is one year old. I can tell by how she can run around the house now, and tries to get involved in her sisters games. Her huge blue eyes rimmed with long curly black lashes can convince me to do anything. Her hair curls all over her head and grows into a strange looking little “tail” at the nape of her neck. I love how she leans toward me with a huge grin on her face, daring me to chase her. She can drink out of a sippy cup now, and I think she prefers it to her bottle. Of course she prefers nursing over the cup or bottle (or most solid foods for that matter). She cannot sit still when she nurses, she wiggles all over my lap, does headstands and sticks her little bottom in the air, and … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #25: Home Alone edition

So this week I have been without my hubby since he was away for work. I've been pushing my introvert self out of the box a little bit and leaving the house! These are some of the adventures I've had with the girls this week.1. While waiting in line at the Dollar Store checkout, Ms Drama was whining loudly in the wagon because she wanted to hold the package of candy bracelets we were buying. The older woman in line behind us pointed at the happy Ms Pooky on the opposite end of the wagon and said in a slightly accented voice "she is the best one." Not sure how to respond to that, I replied "She's a happy one! Everything is an adventure when your 1 year old." The older woman shook her … [Read more...]

Never Good Enough

I never smoked, I never drank, I never did drugs. I never went out alone. I didn’t hang out with bad friends, actually I had no friends to hang out with. I wore dresses only. I did not flirt. I never had sex. In fact, my husband was the first man I ever held hands with, much less kissed. I was at home most of the time. I helped dress younger siblings, I changed diapers, I cleaned, I helped siblings with home school. I cooked most of the dinners for my family.Sometimes I worked so much around the home during the day, I had a hard time keeping up with my own schoolwork. I wasn’t the perfect teen. I was depressed for several years. I didn’t always have the best attitude, I tended to procr … [Read more...]

Escaping the corporal punishment mentality

Early in childhood I thought everyone spanked their kids. I was spanked for disobedience, laziness, backtalk, bad attitude. I was used to it. I was not spanked every day, probably several times in any given week. But with all the kids in my family, multiple spankings were given out every day in my home. When I was in charge I was taught to spank my siblings for disobedience, to maintain control. When I was a "mothers helper" at age ten for a woman having a tough pregnancy, I watched her kids all day while she directed from the couch. Her seven year old son talked back at some point during the day and I remember his mother writing it down to tell his father. When his father got home from … [Read more...]

Fast Food Conversation

So this weekend we pull up to the drive-thru after a long afternoon of swimming in the public pool, damp sleepy children in the back of the car.Fast food worker (FFW): Can I take your order?Hubby: Yeah I’d like the big sandwich meal, andFFW (interrupting): Would you like to jumbo your order?Hubby: Um, no thank you. Make my drink a coke andFFW (interrupting): So that’s one regular sized big sandwich meal, Would that be all?Hubby: No, I need a chicken nugget andFFW (interrupting): The meal, the 4 piece, or the 6 piece?Hubby: The 4 piece please andFFW(interrupting): So that's one regular sized big sandwich meal with a coke and a 4 piece chicken nugget. Would that be all?Hubby: Um, no that’s not … [Read more...]

Christianity and Discrimination

I love what the Catholic Church teaches on Sexuality, I have never found any teaching so compassionate and yet true to what I have found in the bible as well as Church History and the way human bodies have been fashioned. And yet, I know that the mentality of hate exists within the Catholic Church as well as the Protestant Church.It frustrates me that despite the incredible teachings on paper there is still so much discrimination against fellow humans. Christians accuse homosexuals of turning a sin into an identity, but we do the very same thing when we mistreat them based on that sin. How come practically every other sin is "between you and God" but as soon as it is found out a person … [Read more...]

Small moments that matter

I took my girls to the Dentist for their first routine check up. That sounds simple, but it was a bit more complicated than that. The appointment was for Ms Action, but I knew that she is a little reticent to try new things, so I planned on letting Ms Drama tag along for a little peer pressure. For days before the appointment we talked about it. Mommy went to Dentist, and opened her mouth really big and wide, and the nice Dentist brushed her teeth with a little brush and flossed them with a little string. It didn’t hurt, but it felt a little funny sometimes. YOU get to go to the Dentist too, and you will get to sit in the big chair and open YOUR mouth big and wide so the Dentist can count Y … [Read more...]