Christianity and Discrimination

I love what the Catholic Church teaches on Sexuality, I have never found any teaching so compassionate and yet true to what I have found in the bible as well as Church History and the way human bodies have been fashioned. And yet, I know that the mentality of hate exists within the Catholic Church as well as the Protestant Church.It frustrates me that despite the incredible teachings on paper there is still so much discrimination against fellow humans. Christians accuse homosexuals of turning a sin into an identity, but we do the very same thing when we mistreat them based on that sin. How come practically every other sin is "between you and God" but as soon as it is found out a person … [Read more...]

Small moments that matter

I took my girls to the Dentist for their first routine check up. That sounds simple, but it was a bit more complicated than that. The appointment was for Ms Action, but I knew that she is a little reticent to try new things, so I planned on letting Ms Drama tag along for a little peer pressure. For days before the appointment we talked about it. Mommy went to Dentist, and opened her mouth really big and wide, and the nice Dentist brushed her teeth with a little brush and flossed them with a little string. It didn’t hurt, but it felt a little funny sometimes. YOU get to go to the Dentist too, and you will get to sit in the big chair and open YOUR mouth big and wide so the Dentist can count Y … [Read more...]

Books on Discipline

As I've changed the way I parent I've struggled to feel equipped to discipline my children without resorting back to the punishment mentality I was raised with. I written about some of the books I've read in this last year, but hadn't found anything that I felt was truly helpful in re-training my mind, and giving me new tools to use in my approach to gentle parenting. In the last 3 months, I feel as though I've discovered the jackpot of encouraging books through my library system. Here are the titles and what I thought of them in case you want to check them out too. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the books and I will try to answer them as best I can!The Encouraging ParentI … [Read more...]

Who is God? And if He’s there, what does He want from me?

Sometimes Christianity makes no sense to me. God, made the world, and for some reason granted humans capacity to think. Then He decided to categorize an extensive bunch of stuff as sin, and He was so disgusted by all humans committing sins (since it is pretty much inescapable) that He decided to send us all to eternal punishment after we die. But He didn’t like the idea of everyone burning in Hell, so He created a way for a few of us to escape. He sent His son, Himself, to die for our sins. To be sacrificed in our place, to pay for the stuff that He had decided wasn’t acceptable. But this doesn’t automatically rescue everyone, only people that decide to believe it all and live their lives acc … [Read more...]

Bedtime Conversation

The kids were having a bit of a hard time settling down tonight, and after some protesting on their part I said goodnight and left the room. After I shut the door, this is what I overheard from the hallway.2 year old: No want to go to bed!3 year old: Everyone has to go to bed. Mommy and Daddy have to go to bed too.Silence3 year old continues: Don't worry, in the morning we go to the store and get some food.2 year old: Go to store!3 year old: Yep, and we will pay some money and get rice cakes and cucumbers and cookies.2 year old: A bug will bite me. (This random statement probably illustrates that I am not doing as well as I hoped hiding my fear of bugs.)3 year old: Yeah, the ants will … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes: Or 7 Ways to increase your chance of getting laid, even when you have kids

Any one of these tips if used on a given day have helped me to stop making excuses and actually get laid! These are not necessarily in order of most or least effective.1. Kiss himAnd I don't mean the quick peck before he leaves for work. (But those are nice too!) I mean really kiss him. Like when you were dating and trying not to do "other stuff". You'd be surprised where a good make-out session can lead you. Maybe the kids are awake and you really only have the chance for a good kiss, then make the most of it! If nothing else it can connect you for now, and maybe inspire something for later.2. Don't say noThis may seem like a silly one, but when your husband propositions you, … [Read more...]

I don’t have to justify myself

It started when I wrote this post on why people shouldn’t have to justify themselves to me. Then I read this amazing article written by a woman who has a child with Downs syndrome, in it she talks about how people ask her if she ever got the pre-natal test that would have informed her of her baby’s condition, and she asks why she has to justify his existence.It got me thinking, how often have I felt the need to justify my own children’s existence, when people ask if one of my closely spaced kids was a “mistake”. No one should ever have to justify their child’s existence. And that led to me thinking about just how often I attempt to justify my thoughts, my opinions, my experiences, myself … [Read more...]