7 quick takes

          1. I am definitely not a morning person. I am tired of getting up at 6 with toddlers who are conviced it is morning. Stumbling out to the kitchen to fill juice cups and then huddling on the couch wrapped in a blanket trying to keep my eyes open while I try to convince myself that I can wake up; is not easy.         2. We already have snow where we live, and it has been getting up to a whopping 20 degrees above during the day. The worst part about winter is having children stuck in the house unable to play outside. I really need to find a way for them to burn off energy that doesn't involve going to the … [Read more...]

Small Successes #2

My successes feel super small for these last 2 weeks. Having sick babies really hampered housecleaning, and I've just been feeling a bit blue.1. Sorted though all the DVDs, Videos and Cd's and got rid of the ones we never listen to or watch and organized the ones we like.2. As part of my mission to de-clutter my house I tackled the pile of clothes, coats, toys, books, blankets, shoes, laundry, papers, boxes, jewelry and hair stuff that I have been hiding in my bedroom for the last couple of weeks whenever anyone came over. The pile had grown to enormous proportions and since I hadn't missed most of the stuff, I sorted it and put it in several (large) boxes and moved it into the basement. One … [Read more...]


A CD is a disc that holds music. Sometimes a CD can get scratched and the song will skip. You can get the CD re-furbished and even though the scratches are still there, the songs will be able to play.We are kind of like a CD. We are designed to play beautiful music through the living of our lives. Sin and abuse grind into our souls and leave deep painful scratches. Our lives can fall apart. The CD will not work as it was designed to, music may start to skip, or even be unable to play any longer. We may even become used to the scratches, and de-value ourselves. We say “I’ve already been scratched so many times, my soul is already destroyed, who cares if I get hurt again. I am unw … [Read more...]

When plans don’t work out.

It was one of those weekends! My hubby and I live far from family and had no money or vacation time left to spend Thanksgiving with family. We don't get to see them very often (sometimes it feels like never) and we miss them so much.We scheduled a Thanksgiving dinner with some people from church so it would feel kind of like Thanksgiving. I had the house almost ready, I had all the food ready to go. It takes quite a bit of courage for me as an introvert to have strangers over in the first place, but I was looking forward to it. The Holidays are supposed to be spent with other people after all!The night before the big day, both of my toddlers came down with a runny nose and a cough and one … [Read more...]

Why do I forget to ask?

I was telling my hubby a week or so ago that we needed to get some comforters for our toddlers (the winters are super cold here!) I started planning how I would try to budget it into the next month's funds and thought about which thrift store we could check out. Money can be tight, so I was hoping we would be able to squeeze it in. A few days later an older lady who lives on the corner was riding by on her bike as I was getting my mail. "I have something for your babies" she called "can I come over to give it to you?" She was knocking a few minutes later and brought 3 beautiful hand sewn quilts for my babies. This oneThis oneand this oneAs soon as she opened the bag with the blankets I was … [Read more...]

Helicopter Parenting

I was reading over at Building Cathedrals where they had linked a Time Magazine article about over-parenting, and it got me thinking. Are the reasons that parents are tempted to become excessive in the protecting, pampering and programming of our kids? Three things jumped into my head;1. Number of ChildrenAs the quote cited in the post said, we are having less children these days. We all want to protect our children and give them things and encourage different skills, and when we have several children our energy and passion is spread out evenly among them. Multiple children have multiple talents, problems and desires to keep us busy without becoming to preoccupied with … [Read more...]

I Bear the Scars of Christ

I was reading from Galatians last week and when I got to the last chapter I read "From now on, let no one make troubles for me; for I bear the marks of Jesus on my body" (verse 17). In the notes of my NAB Bible it explained " The marks of Jesus: Slaves were often branded by marks (stigmata) burned into their flesh to show to whom they belonged; so also were devotees of pagan gods. Paul implies that instead of outdated circumcision, his body bears the scars of his apostolic labors (2Cor 11, 22-31), such as floggings (Acts 16,22; 2Cor 11,25) and stonings (Acts 14,19), that mark him as belonging to the Christ who suffered and will protect His own." The first thing that popped into my head were … [Read more...]