Helicopter Parenting

I was reading over at Building Cathedrals where they had linked a Time Magazine article about over-parenting, and it got me thinking. Are the reasons that parents are tempted to become excessive in the protecting, pampering and programming of our kids? Three things jumped into my head;1. Number of ChildrenAs the quote cited in the post said, we are having less children these days. We all want to protect our children and give them things and encourage different skills, and when we have several children our energy and passion is spread out evenly among them. Multiple children have multiple talents, problems and desires to keep us busy without becoming to preoccupied with … [Read more...]

I Bear the Scars of Christ

I was reading from Galatians last week and when I got to the last chapter I read "From now on, let no one make troubles for me; for I bear the marks of Jesus on my body" (verse 17). In the notes of my NAB Bible it explained " The marks of Jesus: Slaves were often branded by marks (stigmata) burned into their flesh to show to whom they belonged; so also were devotees of pagan gods. Paul implies that instead of outdated circumcision, his body bears the scars of his apostolic labors (2Cor 11, 22-31), such as floggings (Acts 16,22; 2Cor 11,25) and stonings (Acts 14,19), that mark him as belonging to the Christ who suffered and will protect His own." The first thing that popped into my head were … [Read more...]

Meat, veggies and rice

This is a recipe that I found online and adapted a bit. I love the flavor of this one, and it is pretty easy to throw together too. I am sitting in my kitchen smelling it cook, so I thought I'd post it up here. :)3 lbs meat (Anything, I usually use a chicken or a tray of stew meat)3/4 cup chicken broth1/4 cup apple cider vinegar1 T cumin1 tsp smoked paprika1 tsp salt1/2 tsp black pepper1 large onion, chopped2 or 3 red bell peppers, chopped3 med yellow apples chopped3 stalks celery, chopped3 cloves minced garlicThe Directions.Use at least a 5 quart crock-pot.Combine all of the dry spices in a bowl. Put the meat into your crockpot. Dump the spices on top.Coarsely chop the vegetables and add to … [Read more...]

Small Successes #1

 Successes this last week include.1. De-cluttering the main rooms of the house and vacuuming. I even vacuumed the inside of the couch.2. Starting my very own first ever Blog!3. Going on my first Date night with my hubby in a year! Yay for babysitters.Wow, that felt good. I might have to do this regularly. … [Read more...]

Can a Packrat become Minimalist?

Wow can stuff pile up.Even when you have only been married a few years and haven't had tons of money, its amazing how much you can accumulate.All of the things that we had before we got married. All the things that people have given us since we got married. All the things that people gave us when our children were born. Other stuff that I can't remember where it came from. And yes, the many items that we have "needed" and bought on our own.I tend to keep things. I keep things that I hate, can't use or don't use, even things that are broken! There are lots of good reasons that I collect all these items, "because someone gave it to us", "because we might need it someday", "because we spent … [Read more...]

Blogging- The first post

I suppose I've been blogging for years. I've kept a journal fairly consistantly since I was 11 years old (yeah, the old-fashioned paper kind). I have always loved to write, and although I am not very tech-savvy this blog will be an attempt to keep my thoughts somewhat organized. … [Read more...]