Small Successes #3

To read other small successes punch the button above.1. I tackled and conquered Mount Laundry in my basement, finally we have clothing to wear again. I'm hoping to stay on top of it from here on out, counting on the kids not getting sick of course.2. Menu planned and grocery shopped for the next 2 weeks, and managed to get the items needed (while staying within my budget) for meals that didn't require beans! Whew! We needed a break from those.3. This doesn't count as an actual success yet (unless admitting I have a problem is a success), but I am hoping that someone will be able to help me make it one. If you want to contribute check this out and leave your suggestions. … [Read more...]

Oh its nice to get up in the morning, but its nicer to stay in bed.

I have had a dream for years of being a morning person. I would (in my dream that is) get up early before everyone else. Have a cup of tea while reading my bible (or maybe even another book!) in the quiet of the early morning. Have breakfast steaming and ready when the babies and husband wake up, have everyone fed and dressed before nine o’clock.Right.I’m beginning to think this would only be a reality if someone came and carried me out of my bed, wrapped me in my fuzzy robe, made the breakfast and maybe even fed it to me too. And I gave up on that happening a while ago. I figured that I would just be forever destined to get a late start to my day. I would just make up for my sluggish mor … [Read more...]

How you know you’re a Pastors wife.

1. Everyone at church knows your name, address and phone number by heart. And you are still struggling to remember every person's name and how they are related to each other.2. Everyone asks you how you are feeling and how you like the weather, but the conversation will never get deeper than that.3. People are always asking if you want their old couch, extra bed, lawn chairs, etc. etc.4. Everyone except the older people remembers your food allergies and makes things "special for the pastors wife" at get-togethers .5. The older people never remember the food allergies and you feel horrible telling them about it again since they are so sweet and made something just for you, so you eat it … [Read more...]


Being new to the blog world I thought I'd try this out. Plus I love Elizabeth Esther's blog. I am going to enter my "I Bear the Scars of Christ" post because I love how it just popped into my head as I was reading the Bible, and I love how much it spoke to me. I can really struggle with body image and this idea has really changed the way I look at myself.To check out other entries, go to ElizabethEsther … [Read more...]

7 quick takes

          1. I am definitely not a morning person. I am tired of getting up at 6 with toddlers who are conviced it is morning. Stumbling out to the kitchen to fill juice cups and then huddling on the couch wrapped in a blanket trying to keep my eyes open while I try to convince myself that I can wake up; is not easy.         2. We already have snow where we live, and it has been getting up to a whopping 20 degrees above during the day. The worst part about winter is having children stuck in the house unable to play outside. I really need to find a way for them to burn off energy that doesn't involve going to the … [Read more...]

Small Successes #2

My successes feel super small for these last 2 weeks. Having sick babies really hampered housecleaning, and I've just been feeling a bit blue.1. Sorted though all the DVDs, Videos and Cd's and got rid of the ones we never listen to or watch and organized the ones we like.2. As part of my mission to de-clutter my house I tackled the pile of clothes, coats, toys, books, blankets, shoes, laundry, papers, boxes, jewelry and hair stuff that I have been hiding in my bedroom for the last couple of weeks whenever anyone came over. The pile had grown to enormous proportions and since I hadn't missed most of the stuff, I sorted it and put it in several (large) boxes and moved it into the basement. One … [Read more...]


A CD is a disc that holds music. Sometimes a CD can get scratched and the song will skip. You can get the CD re-furbished and even though the scratches are still there, the songs will be able to play.We are kind of like a CD. We are designed to play beautiful music through the living of our lives. Sin and abuse grind into our souls and leave deep painful scratches. Our lives can fall apart. The CD will not work as it was designed to, music may start to skip, or even be unable to play any longer. We may even become used to the scratches, and de-value ourselves. We say “I’ve already been scratched so many times, my soul is already destroyed, who cares if I get hurt again. I am unw … [Read more...]