5 things I like about being a mom who works part-time

So, I have my first job outside the home since I got married. I actually saw the notice in the window, put together my pathetic resume (for what felt like the five hundreth time) and printed it at the library and turned it in all by myself. Then I went in for the interview wearing [Read More...]

Fear of School

The van pulls up in front of our house, and a mom and her son get out. They stop here every morning, to wait for the school bus. Usually this happens without incident, but this morning is different. The boy is hanging on his mom’s leg, and when she tries to walk back to the [Read More...]

Submission and Prison Cells: Part 2

Click here for Part One Let me start by saying a sincere “I am sorry” to “Yellowbunnys” (whoever she was, and wherever she is now) and to all the other women I shamed that day. I was wrong. I was arrogant. I was hurtful. It is painful for me to even read what I believed then, much [Read More...]

Submission and Prison Cells: Part 1

Almost five years ago, I was a devout conservative Christian. I had been married over two years, had a toddler Ms Action running around and a baby Ms Drama due in a few months. I loved my spouse beyond what I had ever thought love was when we first got married, and I still dutifully tried to keep [Read More...]

A Church Where We Are More Than Just Queer

The first time we went to an accepting church, it was only curiosity and sheer will-power that got me there. I felt anxious at even the thought of going to a building of people gathered over belief in anything, and sitting through a service and chatting with people afterwards. I knew why I wanted to [Read More...]

Mama Health: Motivation for Self-care

Before we moved, life was complicated. My spouse was working in a non-accepting environment and I dreaded going to church every Sunday. But apart from that, I had never felt so healthy in all my life. My marriage was amazing, my parenting relationship to my kids was being transformed more and more, my confidence was [Read More...]

When You Are Everything You Were Taught to Hate

A first time guest post written by my partner and spouse, Haley. In the recent wake of North Carolina Amendment One to ban same-sex marriage; CNN had Tony Perkins the president of the Family Research Council, an evangelical think tank and political lobbyist group in Washington, D.C., on their show. The CNN host asked the [Read More...]

Weaning my Tandem Nursed Toddler


Welcome to the Carnival of Weaning: Weaning – Your Stories This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Weaning hosted by Code Name: Mama and Aha! Parenting. Our participants have shared stories, tips, and struggles about the end of the breastfeeding relationship. My third baby is 32 months old, and she was weaned [Read More...]

Random Blurbs

I have lots of posts in the works, and some that are ready to post next week, including a post on weaning and a first time ever guest post from my Hunnie. I am also hoping to get back to my ongoing Gentle Discipline series. But for now I decided to end a light week [Read More...]

Guest Post: Pray Together or Stay Together

 “So you were a Christian when you married him, and now you’re not sure?” We were sitting outside our classroom, chatting during our break. My new friend had been asking me for marriage advice, and now things were going suddenly wrong. I shrugged off her accusatory tone and pressed on. “Yes” I replied, “It’s been [Read More...]