The New Religion of Scientism

A meme has been appearing on my newsfeed intermittently in the last year or so. Every so often, it would pop with the seemingly profound truth – Science flies you to the moon, Religion flies you into buildings. The meme would garner thousands of likes and supportive remarks. To be quite honest, I really do [Read More…]

Cab Ride Through Terror and My Little Nephew

I share a special bond with my eldest nephew. On the night he was born, ten thousand miles away in Malaysia, I was undergoing lifesaving surgery in London. His birth was not an easy one either and I remember hoping, as we were both in our respective operating theatres, that we would live to meet [Read More…]

A Foretaste of Infinite Being: Heaven and Hell Of The Present Life

This piece is written as a contribution to NatGeo’s series, The Story of God ‘Oh wow, this cheesecake is just pure heaven!’, I heard a young lady gush whilst at Starbucks a few years ago. I smiled to myself, noting her interesting phrasing, as I perused my Quran. Reading the Quran in Starbucks is one [Read More…]

Why I Reject The Narrative Of A Chosen One

I remember wondering, as early as the age of six or seven, who these people were. It was in school, learning Islamic studies, and our very first lesson was about the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad. I could not process it back then. Who was this person and why was I learning about him? We only [Read More…]

Commentary on ITV’s Documentary ‘Islam’s Non-Believers’

(pic courtesy of: When I heard that ITV was planning to air a new documentary on the Ex-Muslim phenomenon called ‘Islam’s Non-Believers’, I was hoping for some unbiased reporting from the producers. While I did detect some nuance in the reporting (like the care taken to say‘Islamic Fundamentalism’ instead of the more generalizing ‘Islam’), [Read More…]

Allah Or Islamic Rituals – The Chicken Or Egg Question

I was not entirely surprised last week when I faced blowback from the Muslim community on social media regarding my suggestion to have congregational prayers on Saturdays (it is almost universally held on Fridays). Although my suggestion was mainly for Muslims in the West who do not have much time on Fridays, the blowback came [Read More…]

Why We Need Saturday Reform Jummas

pic courtesy of ( Almost a week ago, I joined and started my own group – the Saturday Reform Jumuah. As its name suggests, it plans to have the Traditional congregational prayer on a Saturday. It is almost universally held on a Friday and so I have been mocked and verbally abused for my [Read More…]

Will Mr Trump Be Really Combatting Radical Islam?

When Mr Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for the White House, many people including myself found it hard to believe. After all, this was no corporate position he was running for. Some measure of integrity was involved in this race. At least, that was what I believed at the time. During the course of [Read More…]

Why #BlackLivesMatter By A Malay-Muslim

Black lives matter and let me tell you why. I’ve lived on both sides of the fence. I am a Malay-Muslim. I was born in Malaysia and lived there up till the age of twenty. In Malaysia, the Malay-Muslims are the dominant demographic. We are the equivalent of White people in the West. Although I [Read More…]

Ramadhan 2016 – Day 30 (Al-Fiil)

Day 30: Al-Fiil   This is very short chapter located almost at the end of Quran. I believe that it is the final explanation of the people of luth and what happened to them. The reason I believe this is the exact same punishment (being pelted by ‘stone from sijjil’) is given to the people [Read More…]