Gaudete Sunday after the Sandy Hook school shooting

RIP Victoria Soto, 27-year-old teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School who gave her life protecting the lives of her 16 first grade students.

How do we celebrate Gaudete Sunday, which means Rejoice Sunday, after the Sandy Hook shooting? By following the counsel of today’s reading and looking to what’s true and honorable, like teacher Victoria Soto who gave her life to protect her students. [Read more...]

Will we finally have a national conversation about guns because of the the Newtown school shooting?


Spiritual leaders can offer a distinct perspective on the Newtown shootings, free from the political framing. To start, we can say, simply: This is not OK. We cannot dismiss incidents like this as a cost of freedom. The human suffering is not acceptable. [Read more...]

Musical paths — from Lisa Stansfield to Sneaker Pimps [VIDEOS]


Join me on the musical journey (with videos) my brain went through in 30 minutes or so from Lisa Stansfield to the Sneaker Pimps. Is this music-nerdiness? Yes, but I find the connections music makes fascinating and beautiful. Hopefully a few of you will appreciate that, or at least enjoy the music. [Read more...]

The Feast of St. Lucy and Violence Against Women


A reflection on the martyrdom of St. Lucy and the continuing violence against the “least of these” including women. [Read more...]

Waiting Patiently


In this Advent season of waiting, here are some thoughts and tips about how we react when we’re on time and and someone or something else is late. [Read more...]

Advent in 2 Minutes — a great kinetic type video


Check out this great “Advent in 2 Minutes” kinetic type video. [Read more...]

Latkes for Hanukkah — any excuse to celebrate with food

My latkes from Veselka this year. Photo: &copy 2012 Phil Fox Rose

I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to celebrate with food. And not just within my own tradition. So each year, I honor Hanukkah by picking up some latkesĀ – potato pancakes. Here are some reflections, tips and a recipe. [Read more...]

Not the Immaculate Conception but a Maculate One

Passion Painting, Patty Wickman, 1997 -- contemporary portrayal of Mary in the suburbs of southern California, surrounded by symbols of Christ's Passion.

I’m going to confess something right here. I’ve never bought the Immaculate Conception. To me, the reasoning behind it is deeply flawed — old guys obsessed with the need for Mary to be “pure” — and the fact that we’re even talking about it is an example of the kind of theological nitpicking that Jesus rejected. [Read more...]

Advent fact — December 6 is the Feast of St. Nicholas… Sinterklaas… Santa Claus

Pope Benedict wearing a traditional camauro.

December 6 is the feast day of St. Nicholas, or Sinterklaas. Read how this real bishop’s legend and other story lines have merged into what we now know as Santa Claus. [Read more...]

6 Tips for Being On Time


I’ve been chronically late my whole life. Here are 6 powerful tips that I’ve found very useful for changing my lifelong pattern. I hope they’re helpful to you too. [Read more...]