Morning Report, Afternoon Edition

UPDATE: Harry Potter review posted here.

Since I’m still traveling today, I have to offer my Morning Report a little late.

1.  The recent sex scandal of John Ensign has (justifiably or not) brought into the spotlight “The Fellowship” or “The Family,” which is a network of evangelical Christians who seek to connect and influence people in positions of political and business leadership.  Jeff Sharlet published a book last year that was highly critical of the Fellowship, with a lot of ominous language, and Religion Dispatches hosted an interesting discussion of the group.  Especially worth reading, to my mind, is Randall Balmer’s critical review in the Washington Post.

2.  A major victory in Illinois for proponents of abortion parental involvement laws.

3.  John Yoo explains why the Bush administration endorsed warrantless wiretaps.  Yet some find recent revelations damning of the Bush administration.

4.  David Ignatius is very far from being a conservative, but he strongly objects to the way in which Congressional Democrats, and the Congress in general, are using the CIA as a political football.  I would have to agree.

5.  Some strong and sobering reflections on why so many kids go from youth groups to agnosticism in their college years.

6.  Christianity Today, on the occasion of the release of the new Harry Potter movie, offers some reflections on Harry Potter as a Christ figure.  One of the connected articles asks what Jonathan Edwards would think of Potter.  Interesting question.

(Sorry for the old pic)

(Sorry for the old pic)

I’m going to see the movie tonight; I’ll let you know what I think!

UPDATE: Harry Potter review posted here.

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