Morning Links

Since I have been traveling and unable to piece together my usual Morning Reports, I thought I would drop a few links here to articles I’ve enjoyed:

The Extraordinary Story of A. N. Wilson Losing Faith and Gaining it Back Again

Ed Stetzer on Denominations as Tools for Missions and Ministry

Why I Will Never Again Be Able to See Al Gore and Not Think of “Crazed Sex Poodle”

48% Today See Government as a Threat to Rights

Stanley Fish on Student Evaluations

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"Sarah Palin is absolute scum. Her religion is worthless."

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  • Roger

    Loved the A. N. Wilson story. Once faith is lost, it is more difficult to come back to it. Yet when one does come back to it, then it is faith indeed, even if it is not as comfortable and easy as it had been before.

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