Abortion: Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

David French, whose column is published at Patheos’ Evangelical Portal, forwarded this video from Students for Life.  You can pick him out in the video – he’s the guy who looks like he spends zero time combing his hair and plenty of time fighting legal battles, writing opinion columns, playing World of Warcraft online, and being an all-around awesome family man.

What do you think?  Are we nearing a tipping point on abortion?  Is it remotely possible that abortion might be declared illegal again in the United States?  I think I’ll write a column on this, so I’ll save my thoughts for now, but let me know what you think of the video and the issues it raises.

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  • paul johnston

    I am brought to tears of joy.

  • I just wonder if they put that much energy into attacking poverty then they would also eliminate the majority of abortions in the process. Changing law will only do so much. Making relationships with those who feel that abortion is their only choice is harder. To force single women to raise children that they cannot afford or want will have major ripple effects as those kids grow up. Will we be just as passionate about teens in crisis when that time comes or will we still be patting ourselves on the back for overturning RVW? Will we be demanding harsher jail sentences for juvenile crime? Maybe if we are so passionate about pro-life then lets adopt those children who are abandoned. This is just a much more complex issue than simply overturning a law. These college students will never get an abortion themselves. That is great. I would rather they make relationships with those who do struggle with such decisions. Work at a pregnancy center. Speak in schools and youth groups. Make your voice known on college campuses. But to think putting all your efforts into Washington D.C. will make all the difference, well then you haven’t been around long enough to know that D.C. comes with a price. And once again, law does not change people’s hearts. It only makes the issue go underground. But the issue will resurface in other ways.

    • MJane

      Some great points on how to personally get involved, Scott. I would just add, we need people in all these areas using the gifts with which they have been equipped. The fight against abortion is a fight against the liberal and permissive culture in our country, which has done so many things, through and by making law, (and probably skirting it as well) in allowing abortion to become as prevalent as it is. It has become the favored birth control by the culture. When life ceases to have value, so does the culture. Poverty is intertwined with abortion, but not solely responsible for it. Poverty will never be eliminated(Jesus said the poor will always be with you) but that is not a reason we should not help those suffering in it to improve their situation or suggest blaming abortion for it! Abortion is politically profitable and promotes the self-centered nature of man, the “me first and only” attitude as a right and a way of life that one “deserves”, when an unplanned pregnancy gets in the way. A planned pregnancy is a baby you know, but not an unplanned pregnancy. Our own President describes ‘it’ as a ‘mistake’! And how many young men and women hang on every word he says? I volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center and we see young women all across the board socially, economically, etc. Many profess to be Christians. No one forces these women to do anything; they choose to. The responsibility begins with the first choice-theirs. The problem with our society is young people do not believe they should be responsible for much, especially their own actions, and sadly those who know better are not holding them accountable. Just because their first choice was not the right one, does not mean they should feel pressured by society to make a more deadly and devastating one. Just start being responsible. If they can see their own self worth and value as a person, they will see their child that way also. There are plenty of people (mostly churches) who are willing to help in more ways than people who are not in church will ever know.
      We need these excited students in D.C. We need them on campus as well. We can’t all be lawmakers, or volunteers or going to the jails (to minister to many of these women whose abortions have down-spiraled them there). But we can each do the part we are able and we are seeing just a small, but important part in this video. Please don’t criticize them without realizing they are and will continue playing an important role in the battle of literally savings the lives of the unborn and the wounding of their parents as well. The Supreme Court made abortion legal because of lawmakers influence, lawmakers work diligently to keep it legal, and laws can end it as well. In the meantime, let’s each do what we know we can and respect one another for it.

  • Danny D

    Saying, “this generation will abolish abortion in our lifetimes” makes little to no sense. It plays well, it generates cheers from the sympathetic and passionate, but it is fundamentally lacking in content. There is NO WAY to abolish abortion.

    Slavery and Abortion are two different beasts. Making slavery illegal effectively eradicated it on the national level, although instances still do occur in nontraditional ways (detainment of immigrants, sex trafficking, etc.) In the case of abortion, I feel that there has been a wrong assumption on the part of many that abortion in some way was created with Roe v Wade, despite all the wire hanger shock stories. Global statistics show very little difference between countries in which abortion is legal or illegal. Under this premise, the likelihood that abortion rates have skyrocketed in this country assume that the US is fundamentally different than most other countries on earth. More likely, the rates have increased but not extraordinarily (however, any increase is horrifically sad).

    I do not know the total content of the message behind the people of this video. However, any abortion movement that lacks comprehensive care for women in difficult positions (no guilt adoption, preventative care, sex education, counseling options, etc.) will fail in changing what really matters: not the legal position, but decrease the number of real abortions. This should be the primary goal of any pro-life movement.

    “The good guys are winning this argument.” “Some of you in this room, I hope, will consider running for office.” These are example of statements that reduce the pro-life movement to political motivations and good-evil rhetoric.

  • I have been a part of the 2011 40 Days for Life campaign and can bear witness to the impact of youth and adult involvement. Perhaps abortion will end in my lifetime.

  • C. Ehrlich

    To eliminate abortions in this generation, pro-lifers should be pursuing biomedical advances in technology.

    Consider a procedure permitting the safe and efficient removal of the live embryo for permanent cryogenic storage. Such technology would allow a happy, abortion-eliminating compromise: for pro-choicers, it would secure a commodious new choice for abortion-seeking women; for pro-lifers, it would secure satisfaction of preventing embryos from being killed. In fact, they will have secured a more or less eternal (albeit frozen)life for the unborn child. Every human life is worth preserving–frozen ones included.

    Abortion would be a thing of the past.