Holy Night? Holy Smokes! Future of Forestry – Everyday Transcendence #2

A friend (thanks Alex) saw yesterday’s post in which I sang the praises of Sam Beam, Iron and Wine, and “The Trapeze Swinger.”  He responded by recommending Future of Forestry.  I confess I had never heard of them, and their full story is still not known to me.  They’re evidently Christian, but they don’t sound like any Christian band I’ve ever heard.  I predict they’ll go on to massive success.

The friend linked me to a rehearsal performance of a song called “Slow Your Breath Down.”  It’s a masterful display of musicianship from all three band members, each of whom plays multiple instruments (setting down loops), and the singer’s voice is extraordinarily clear and supple.  From there I found “Did You Lose Yourself,” in the same rehearsal environment.  Then…wow…I came across a version of one of my favorite Christmas carols that positively blew me away.

So without further ado, here is your Everyday Transcendence.  “O Holy Night” from Future of Forestry:

YouTube Preview Image
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Timothy Dalrymple was raised in non-denominational evangelical congregations in California. The son and grandson of ministers, as a young boy he spent far too many hours each night staring at the ceiling and pondering the afterlife.
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  • Galen

    AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Alison

    Wow. Future of Forestry is an amazing band. This was beautiful.